Misconceptions about People with Dental Implants


    Over the past twenty years, dental implants have undergone a transformation, and while it might have been a very expensive and painful experience back then, modern dental implants are no more painful than a tooth extraction, and are affordable too. When implants first arrived on the scene, in the early 1900’s, they provided a welcome alternative to the traditional root-cap treatment that leaves the tooth roots intact, and a stump is fashioned out of the tooth, then a crown is inserted onto that.

    Only people with no teeth have dental implants

    If the truth be known, people from all walks of life have decided that implants are the best solution to broken or missing teeth, providing the dental surgeon is experienced in . For people who live in Western Australia, Accent Dental in Perth, offer full dental implant services by qualified dentists, at reasonable prices.

    Dental implant surgery is very painful

    Actually, the implant process is painless, just as a tooth extraction would be, and there is a choice of local or general anesthetic, whichever the patient prefers. There is a level of post-operative pain, and the dentist would prescribe some painkillers, yet this is no worse than that of a wisdom tooth extraction.

    A dental implant is a single tooth

    If this were the case, a full set of implants would require too many insertions, and the jaw bone structure would be compromised. While a single tooth is very often replaced with an implant, a bridge can be created, and an entire arch of upper or lower teeth can be fixed into position with only four implants.

    There is a long waiting period without teeth

    This may have been true a few years ago, when the dental industry believed that the implants needed time to bond with the bone, however, research has shown that if the implants are located correctly, there is no advantage in waiting for the bonding process to become established.

    Implants are very expensive

    Like any new technology, dental implants were certainly not cheap, yet modern developments have significantly reduced the price. For someone in Western Australia, it would be easy to ask a dentist in Perth, and one might be surprised to find it is quite affordable. If ready cash was not available, a reputable implant clinic would offer a payment plan, allowing one to have a new set of teeth now and pay later.

    Implants don’t look like the real thing

    This may have been the case in the early stages of implant development, however, modern implants resemble real teeth in every way, and they even fade as regular teeth do, over time. This means a person can have one or two implants and they will not look out of place next to the real teeth.

    More and more people are turning to implant treatment, as it offers a permanent, natural-looking solution that stands the test of time, and with so many people having broken or missing teeth, implant technology will continue to develop.