Michael Asimos Discusses The Importance Of Red Wine For Health


As a native of Portland, Oregon, Michael Asimos has been exposed to the finest wines, wineries and vineyards. He quickly became accustomed to the abundant availability of quality wine and other beverages. As a result, wine is Mike Asimos’ passion and livelihood. In addition, he enjoys traveling and listening to jazz music.

We took sometime to interview Mike about the importance of wine. Here’s what he had to say:

michael asimos

How did you get involved with the wine industry?

I have always been fascinated by the wine industry and it all started as a hobby. I love every aspect of wine production. From grapes and fermentation to bottling and the pairings. I could not resist sampling and recommending as well as sharing my extensive knowledge about the beverage with others.

The passion drove me to a point where I decided to move forward with the profession and industry I love. The idea of importing and exporting wine really makes me come alive.

These days, I like to journal my thoughts on my personal website. It helps keep me connected to others that are as in love with the wine world as much as I am.  It’s pretty fun too!

How important is wine for our well-being?

In addition to being good for the heart, wine has a number of surprising health benefits. Most the benefits are derived from a stilbenoid known as resveratrol, which is a form of a phytoalexin and a natural phenol produced by multiple plants. Several plants are known to produce resveratrol with the aim to combat fungi and bacteria or survive the harsh environmental effects associated with drought or the lack nutrients.

What are the biggest health benefits of red wine?

Wine helps people live longer by promoting cardiovascular health. Researchers discovered that people on the island of Ikaria live longer than anywhere else thanks the daily consumption of wine and plant-based foods. The same applies to the residents of Sardinia and Crete who consume red wine as part of an anti-aging lifestyle. Wine drank in these areas contain high levels of procyanidins, which promote heart health.

On the other hand, scientists at the Harvard Medical School discovered evidence that resveratrol has the capacity to activate a protein that enhances longevity and good health in animal models. The stilbenoid boosts the activity of sirtuins (a group of longevity pathways that form part of the genes).

Resveratrol has been shown to boost short-term memory in addition to eye health, bone function and liver health. It can help fight cancer, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of stroke, regulate blood sugar levels and reduce diabetes risk.

Are there any lesser known health benefits from consuming red wine?

Yes, indeed. Resveratrol can prevent the growth of bacteria that causes acne breakouts longer than solutions, such as benzoyl peroxide. When it comes to dental health, wine can do wonders to your teeth. It protects the pearly whites from bacteria infestation. This means the beverage does not only contain antimicrobial agents that protect the skin but also teeth.

Scientists conducted a study using five of the most common bacteria known to trigger the development of oral plaque. They observed that almost all of the bacteria were eliminated after applying biofilms coated with red wine. Wine drinkers are less likely to come down with a cold when compared to people who drink other alcoholic beverages. Researchers are convinced that antioxidants help reduce inflammation, thus inhibiting the appearance of cold symptoms.

What’s the best we can learn more about you and your research?

The biggest mistake that people make is attempting to purchase health benefits of wine in a bottle. Instead, I have realized that it’s best to consider how wine can be part of healthy lifestyle. Hence, the need to adopt a more comprehensive balanced diet and exercise regimen with wine as the cherry on top.

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