Enzymes: The Key To Metabolism, Weight Loss, and Youth

belta malt raw enzyme

Are you frustrated with the slow progress of diet? Are you even getting any results at all from your exercise routine? 

Well, we have a Japanese solution for losing weight efficiently in the form of a 100% organic supplement that can increase metabolism and double weight loss!

What is Belta Malt Raw Enzyme?

Belta Malt Raw Enzyme is packed with a high amount of enzymes from fruits and vegetables, and beauty components that are necessary for a healthy stomach, detoxification, and improvement of circulation.

Why focus on gut health?

How is the health of your digestive system related to your body’s capacity to lose weight?


The enzymes in Belta Malt Raw Enzyme restore an efficient and effective digestive system by enabling you to utilize all of the nutrients from your food. This restores vitality and rejuvenates you from within – making your hair, nails, and skin healthier, more radiant, and youthful.

Enzymes such as amylase, protease, and lipase help enhance your metabolism and fat burning ability by breaking down carbs, protein, and fats, respectively. This supports weight loss and ultimately weight management.


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Belta Malt Raw Enzyme is composed of 50 billion lactic acid bacteria or lactobacillus which is more effective than yogurt. 

What is the significance of this high content of lactic acid bacteria to weight loss?

Lactic acid bacteria are responsible for converting sugars to lactic acid. The body uses energy to absorb lactic acid into your muscles. Therefore, the more lactic acid that your body produces the more energy is spent. 

However, the process does not stop here. How does lactic acid benefit the muscles?

Lactic acid makes the muscles firm. This increases your stamina and metabolism, making your body more efficient in burning fat every time you move or exercise.


We have just shared two of the most powerful components of the Belta Malt Raw Enzyme. 

Remember that a healthy gut is a key to metabolism and nutrient absorption. So manage your gut health and watch the weight go down! 

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