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Any of us might need some emotional support, or even relationship counseling when neither social resources nor professional services are available to us in our area. Besides, we might not have enough time or money to see a psychologist.

Fortunately, online make it possible for you to get all the necessary support and guidance wherever you may be at the moment. If you have access to the Internet, you will have an opportunity to benefit from their low-cost mental health services in the telephone, online chats, and even video session formats with licensed and experienced psychologists.

In this article, we will first review reasons for seeking professional mental health support. We will then discuss online therapy platforms, their services, and their advantages over offline offices.

When to Seek Help: Indications for Therapy

Many of us experience mental or emotional problems at times of frightening challenges or exceptionally stressful life events. Our friends and family can help us to an extent if our troubles are not too serious.

The problem is, many people don’t have friends or family they could count on for support. Besides, in the case of a mental disorder, it is the professional mental health services, not only friendly support, that you need.

You should seriously think of applying for professional help in any of the following situations:

1. You have been having three or more symptoms of a mental health issue for at least half a year, or you experience them more than half of the time. You can ask a qualified psychologist for diagnostic assessment or use self-assessment tools provided by some online therapy platforms for free.

2. Your mental problems or emotional distress prevents you from concentrating on your duties or enjoying activities.

3. You think the causes of your troubles lie in you, and the circumstances and events in your life can only be partly responsible for your distress.

4. Your mental or emotional state has begun to impair your social or occupational functioning.

5. Finally, one definite indication for professional mental health support is a persistent failure in usual daily practices related to housework and hygiene.

Online Therapy Platforms

A comparatively recent trend in the mental health industry, e-counseling offers professional psychological help to anybody with a stable Internet connection.

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Many clinics, crisis intervention centers, and private clinicians have begun to perform their services online these days, and their number continues to increase.

You can contact online therapy platforms:

  • at times of emotional problems,
  • when you would like to get some psychological information from experts in the field,
  • to apply for proper individual, couple, or group psychotherapy,
  • or whenever you feel a pressing need to share your trouble with a knowledgeable and experienced psychologist.

Besides mental treatment and crisis intervention, their services include:

  • telephone hotlines,
  • real-time video counselling sessions,
  • informational blogs,
  • e-forums with people in similar situations,
  • downloadable interactive toolkits that you can use for your self-therapy,
  • individual or group therapy chats,
  • therapy apps to install on your mobile device.

Pros of Online Psychological Counselling

Online therapy platforms offer several advantages over traditional offline therapy offices.

Easier Availability

They are available to you wherever you may be at the moment. You can use the services from the comfort of your home or during a lunch break at work.

Besides, their services are available immediately since they are only a click away. There is no longer any need for appointments and frustrating delays.

In other words, you can choose to contact them wherever and whenever you find yourself in an unmanageable or unbearable situation.

Increased Affordability

Online therapy platforms don’t have to rent offices or buy a lot of equipment. As a result, they charge a lot less for their services. In addition, you will have to incur no travel costs either.

Greater Privacy

Some people feel too ashamed to discuss their problems face-to-face, and they can enjoy the greater privacy online counseling provides. And they don’t even have to be seen at all if they choose not to, as they may opt for therapy chats instead.

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