Bodybuilder Matt Porter’s Death Shook Us

Bodybuilder Matt Porter’s Death Shook Us

Matt Porter, the well-known bodybuilding competitor, and coach is no more. He died at a very young age of 34. He was a well known Oregon bodybuilder. He is survived by his wife – Rachel Prince Porter and son – Noah.

Matt Porter’s, Bodybuilder Death Shook Us

The guy who began bodybuilding at the age of 16 was already competing by 19. He said that he was extremely excited to become a competitor as per the advice and guidance of his sister’s ex-husband. When asked about bodybuilding Porter used to comment

Bodybuilder Matt Porter’s Death

“You can always progress and improve your physique with drive, discipline, consistency and a tenacious work ethic.”

The man was always known for his strict diet but his cheat meals were equally tempting. It consisted of “1, triple stack, 1 chicken wrap, 1 crispy chicken wrap, 1 bacon cheeseburger and of course chocolate frosty.”

His wife last night penned down an emotional post which had quite interesting facts and details regarding Matt’s death and other details.

One of the most incidental things about Porter’s death is that he had a history and genetics of cancer and heart attacks. His father died of cancer in 2016 and that shook him. He decided to stay clear of steroids for forever. He cleansed his body and once said

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“I knew with my addictive personality, my genetics regarding cancer, my genetics regarding heart issues, I just have to halt all of my dreams of maybe one day getting that little piece of paper. I just stopped…. I didn’t bring any juice with me to Oregon.”

The wife described the morning scene of the couple which seemed quite normal in the start.

“This morning everything seemed normal. He was very tired so after getting Noah and changing him he went downstairs to make a shake like always, came up and went to the guest bedroom to sleep, he does this sometimes to get extra rest while I play with Noah until breakfast. He heard me in the playroom and came out to play with Noah. after playing with Noah and talking to me for a bit he was texting on his phone. He was on his stomach and reached out and said RACHEL and started breathing oddly.”

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