BREAKING : Martins Licis has set a World Record

Martins Licis has done something which no one else has done in his life. The 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic runner up has completed a Steinborn squat with 257 Kg.

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He was once considered to be one of the hottest prospects in the world of bodybuilding and now he is slowly showing up his talent. His very first title was the Strongman Summermania in Southampton in 2017. “The Dragon” as he is fondly called was bought up in Latvia before he finally moved to the US.

In 2015, he stood first in the All American Strength Classic and 2017 he got the fourth place in the World’s strongest men finale.

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SQUATS! – 505lbs (230kgs) x 20 REPS, BELTLESS! New YouTube video UP (Link in bio) – Thank you @jujimufu for the brilliant ques! – Has anyone done 20 reps with this weight, with FULL depth and FULL hip extension, and BELTLESS? If it’s been done, to fuel my fire, I want to see it. My job is done with 505lb squats. My next mission; to take 605lbs to its limit. Also big thank you to @mrgura ‘s Mom, Kathleen Gura, for the hat, which fueled me with warmth and power to get through this set 💅🏻@sbdapparel @sbd.usa @romarkweiss @lindseybowenn @jujimufu @tomrboyden @probodycoach @thetraininghall #Sbdusa #SBDAPPAREL #Strongman #Squats #Quads #Quadzilla #NathanPayton #Weightlifting #Glutes #Quadzilla #Legs #LegDay #Pump #GravityAintNothin #BeALegend #MARTINS

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He is also pretty good in stick wrestling and won gold in the 2016 MAS wrestling open world championships.

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Now, this life doesn’t sound easy and is extremely difficult in itself. But Licis has been doing this actually to rehab his spine. He quickly figured that he is pretty good at it and thus he started doing it more. At the Rogue Invitational in Columbus Ohio he surpassed the old record of 254 Kg.

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NEW WORLD RECORD – 565lb (257kg)! – I originally started to use the Steinborn Rockover squat as a physical therapy exercise to rehabilitate my spine. It worked so well for me that now I’m setting World Records with it. (Please do not take that seriously. Do not use this to rehabilitate anything). HUGE THANK YOU to @drjantodd @steve_slater_ @caityhenniger @billhenniger for making this possible! Always a HUGE pleasure working alongside @roguefitness , and leading the way in Strength! Huge thank you to @lindseybowenn and @romarkweiss for supporting and videoing as always! Huge thank you to @sbd.usa @sbdapparel for supporting my joints! Huge thank you to @probodycoach for your nutritional guidance! And huge thank you to so many others for your support and belief in me. @thetraininghall @oddhaugen @dotfit #sbdusa #SBDapparel #Strongman #Steinborn #Squat #Legs @rogueinvitational #Crossfit @crossfit #WorldRecord #BeALegend #MARTINS

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Well, we would like to congratulate martins and we hope that maybe he will only break his record in the coming future.

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