Mahhi Vij reveals why she embraced motherhood after nine years of her marriage

Mahhi Vij motherhood

Motherhood is a very challenging and difficult phase for women. But actually, the challenges right from getting pregnant. If a woman is not a mother within 3 years of her marriage, then the question begins of her infertility and what not. Yes, a woman has to deal with everything.

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Mahhi Vij, a well-known tv actress is all set to say yes to motherhood. And the lady said yes after nine years of her married life. She has been married to another TV superstar Jay Bhanushali. And it’s been nine years since the two are together. The duo had earlier supported the children of their maid and have taken up their educational and living expenses. They even live with them and the star couple is quite happy to share the space with them.

“A lot of people keep asking my friends if they are our kids because we feel that they are our kids. We want to give the best in our capabilities. I don’t care what people say they have all the time in the world to talk. They stay with us we have no issues of them being a part of our space. Kids are adorable, Jay and I love them. We want to educate them and yes in the future even if we have our own kids we will give the same life. We will not differentiate.”

And now, coming to their pregnancy. Mahhi Vij was commented a lot about being infertile and that’s why she embraced motherhood this late. And the super lady that she is. She shut everyone like a boss.

On July 2, 2019 she wrote on her Instagram post

“After so many messages on infertility!! I want to put this straight to all that I was not going through any infertility issues! It was my sole decision to wait and be a better child myself and do all my duties.”

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And suddenly her husband Jay wrote the comment

“A mark of power girl, daughter, wife and future are fantastic just be happy.”

That’s so strong and honest of Mahhi.

Coming back to the couple, last year in one of the show, Jay swept Maahi off the feet when he said

“We have been discussing having babies for a while now, so let us take this forward.”

The girl was truly in tears.

We wish all the best to this adorable couple on their journey of parenthood.


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