Madhuri Dixit Diet Plan & Over 40 Female Diet Chart to Look Young

Madhuri Dixit Diet Plan & Over 40 Female Diet Chart to Look Young

Madhuri Dixit is the ‘Dancing Queen’ of Bollywood whose smile is worth million dollars as it can heal the wound of any man in this world. Men die to see the smile on her face and the figure that she has acquired is hard to maintain. Despite her old age, she looks young and beautiful like always. Who would say that Madhuri has crossed 40?

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Madhuri Dixit’s diet plan is famous not only in India but also worldwide. Her old age doesn’t affect her diet or her workout and it is quite witnessable that Madhuri doesn’t compromise with her routine. Even after so many years, she is fit enough to give a tough competition to all the current actresses. Do you wish to know the secrets of her fitness and beauty?

Let us have a look at Madhuri Dixit’s workout routine followed by her diet plan for people above 40:

Madhuri Dixit Workout Plan

The real secret of her beauty is not just the cosmetics or skin care tips but also the workout. Yes, you heard it right. Workout is something that can get a glow on your skin as you sweat a lot after doing all the exercises.

Cardio, lunges, squats, push-ups, crunches, and plank are a few workouts that Madhuri Dixit often does on a regular basis. Besides keeping herself engaged in the workouts, she is fond of Kathak.

She believes that dance is the best cure to weight loss problems as you just won’t realize when you’ll lose enough weight and it’ll be fun as well.

If you think that Madhuri’s routine is just limited to workout and dance then you are absolutely wrong. She plays outdoor games as well to ensure that she remains fit and strong enough.

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Best Diet Plan For Over 40 Female By Madhuri

You must be thinking that Madhuri compromises a lot with her favourite cuisines in order to stay slim. This isn’t so. In fact, she consumes all the delicious meals and is still fit even after crossing 40. Have you ever wondered what is the secret of her diet?

Madhuri includes Japenese dishes in her diet as people in Japan preferably eat healthy food with very low cholesterol value.

Some of these eatables are tofu, assorted vegetables, mushroom, soup, sushi, and double toned milk.

Also, her diet contains primarily protein and carbohydrates for better health even at old age. Like Japanese people, she too bakes and steams her food instead of frying them and risking her health.

madhuri dixit diet plan

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