How to Live Normal Life with Diabetes

How to Live Normal Life with Diabetes

Maintaining diabetes is quite a mundane job. From controlling eating habits to regular medication, the total treatment procedure of this disease becomes harassment for the patients. However, some patience and guidance can surely help the diabetic patient to cope up with this disease and live a normal life like all the other healthy folks.

Yes, you can live a normal life with Diabetes.

In the beginning, you may feel heartbroken because in some way or other this disease will take away your freedom and change your lifestyle, but with time you will realize it’s very easy to live with diabetes. All you need is some information and some encouragement.

What are the steps you need to follow to live a normal life with Diabetes?

1. Gather information about Diabetes

Collecting information and learning more about your disease will help you cope up with the fear you have regarding it. Most of the patients remain stressed out since they don’t have any clue about handling their disease, especially in the times of emergency. Therefore, learning all about the disease will help you in several ways. Moreover, in this age of internet, learning about new things isn’t much hard work. You may easily sit in front of your computer and know all about diabetes within hours. Plus, it’s proven that one can learn more from internet than months of schooling! Or if you aren’t much computer friendly, then you may contact a ‘diabetes educator’ who will explain you all the things you need to know, briefly!

What are the main things you need to know about diabetes?

  • The first and foremost thing you need to know is what type of diabetes have you developed?
  • Next, you should learn what are the treatments related to each type of diabetes?
  • And the lastly, who should you seek help from for more information?

There are three types of diabetes:-

90% diabetic patients around the world suffer from Type 2 diabetes which is curable with proper treatment. Unfortunately, for the Type 1 diabetic patient, the disease is lifelong.

For both these types, the treatment is different. So, you must gather information about the treatments related to your diabetes for quicker recovery.

You must take help from your doctor, nurse, pharmacist and diabetes educator to know more about your disease. Don’t hesitate in asking any questions if you have any doubt. They are always ready to help you!

2. You need to be physically active

If you have diabetes, you need to be more physically active and do regular exercising. The body weight increases during the diabetic phase which affects the health negatively. Therefore, it is suggested to turn to daily exercising, gym training and participation in physical activities to maintain your weight. If you remain physically active, you will feel more lively and fresh. Daily exercising helps in boosting energy and it keeps you happy and charming!

What are things you need to do for your exercise regime?

  • Prepare a workout regime with the help of an expert.
  • Set realistic goals and try to fulfill them.
  • Take the whole workout routine seriously.
  • Don’t overdo yourself.
  • Do you work out with a friend or a family member.
  • Do your workout under the guidance of an expert.
  • If you feel any pain, stop immediately.
  • Question your trainer about the exercises you perform.
  • Go on adventurous trips like hiking, cycling and jogging with your friends and/or family.
  • Physical activeness will help you feel good about yourself and you won’t feel left out because of your disease. Plus, it helps in quicker recovery.

3. Be more sociable!

Most of the patients think that they can never live a normal life because of their disease. They feel left out and try to avoid interactions. However, the truth is much different.

First, you need to understand that you are not alone in this world who is suffering from this disease. It’s not a curse or something! You simply need to be more sociable.

If anyhow you feel as if your family and friends are neglecting you because of your disease, then it’s your duty to educate them about your disease. Once they understand what really happens in diabetes, they will surely be friendly to you like before.

Diabetes is nothing to be ashamed about. It’s a disease and it happens to a huge number of people around the globe.

In addition to that, you also need to participate more in social gatherings and meetings, take part in family gossip and games, have fun with friends and go on trips with your loved ones. The more you interact, the more they will like to be with you. Having family support will help you recover faster and live a normal life!

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4. Be emotionally strong!

Yes, it comes as a shock for the patients when they learn they have developed diabetes. Since diabetes is not an easy disease, it becomes more difficult to cope up with the different problems related to this disease.

Some get so stressed out that they go into depression which does more harm to the health. Therefore, if you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes then you must understand that being diabetic isn’t the end of the world. It’s just another disease which you need to fight against and for that you need to follow all the necessary treatment with confidence.

If you are mentally broken, it becomes very difficult to recover quickly. Good mental health is a part of your treatment and so you need to overcome all your worries. Being emotionally active and strong will help you focus on your life and help you live a normal life even if you are suffering from diabetes.

How will you be emotionally active and positive?

  • Having family and/or friend support will help you be emotionally strong.
  • Try engaging with other diabetic people for moral support on social networking sites.
  • Gather more information about your disease.
  • If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor or nurse.
  • Stop worrying too much.
  • Have healthy amount of sleep daily.
  • If you are going through depression, consult a doctor as soon as you can.
  • Have faith in yourself.

5. Be determined to win against your disease!

A positive attitude will help you in several ways in your life even in fighting your disease. If you be determined about not letting diabetes win against you, then you will be able to recover sooner.

Is there any way to stabilize your blood sugar level? No. Is it possible to remove constant oversight and intervention? Nope! But what you can do is embrace this new changed life as a challenge and do all the things you love to do.

Don’t allow your disease to stop you from being who you are.

You love shopping? Go on shopping. You love hanging out with friends? Then have parties. You love to go on hiking trips with your family on weekends? Go on hiking trips! Don’t let your disease become a burden in your life. Think it as an obstacle you need to overcome through hard work, determination and proper treatment.

If you are determined to reach your goal, then no one can stop you from reaching there. So, take the pledge of winning against diabetes rather than allowing diabetes take over your happy normal life!


Diabetes isn’t the end of the world. You can live a normal life like any other human being even with diabetes. It’s all about your attitude towards the disease. Yes, in the beginning, you may feel it more of a burden. The daily medication, insulin injections, rigorous workout, diet control and the problem of frequent urination will cause some trouble but if you start thinking that they are not a burden, you will be able to overcome them easily. Don’t allow diabetes to take over your life and do whatever things you love to do!