List of Things Office Goer Women Should Carry In Their Purse

A woman’s bag is not less than a luggage bag that is stuffed with all sorts of things. Most of the things you’ll find inside those bags are unnecessary and irrelevant to the occasion. Men always wonder why do women carry so much of the unnecessary stuff in their bags and they just cannot guess the correct answer. Even if a woman is casually going to an office she will carry stuff that is not much needed and will forget important objects. Therefore, I am revealing below the list of things that every woman should carry if she is an office goer:

1. Notebook and Pen

A notebook and a pen is something that a working woman should always keep in priority list when she is packing stuff in her bag. Most of the times your boss might just call you for a meeting and if he or she will perceive that you don’t have something to note down important points will make you unprofessional.

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2. Sanitary Pads

This is something that women should carry even if they are not expecting their menstrual cycles at a particular time period. She just cannot take the risk of creating a moment of embarrassment in the office and struggling to get one sanitary pad when something suddenly happens.

3. Comb

Although there are least chances of getting messy hair during office hours but what if they just get messy? Obviously, it will make you appear as if you have just slept and in the office cleanliness and personality is something that matters a lot and so one must definitely pack a comb in her bag.

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4. Smartphone

Human beings just cannot imagine their lives without a smartphone as it plays a key role in their daily activities, even if they are working and so women must carry them in their bags.

5. Medicine Kit Box

Now fever or wounds are something that can knock a woman’s life any instance and when not treated at the right time can create more damage. Therefore, women should ensure that they put in medicines and bandages in their bags for safety.

6. Wallet

Most of the women have a habit o just putting money into any pocket of their purse that they should just avoid doing. Always carry a wallet as you just cannot leave your money anywhere inside your bag, it might get destroyed when it comes in contact with any other hard material.

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So women, just carry the above stuff if you are working somewhere to prevent carrying unnecessary things. Do like and share this post if you found it helpful.

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