List of Healthy Indian Breakfast for Weight Loss

List of Healthy Indian Breakfast for Weight Loss 11

Breakfast is a meal most of us skip and this deprives our bodies from essential nutrients that can actually cut down our body fat. Even if we eat our breakfast we prefer heavy dishes like paranthas, pakodas, and other oily meals that increases our body fat. Instead, we must consume Indian breakfast for weight loss. Recently, we have published a post on Tutorial – How to Dry Your Nail Polish Faster [With Pictures] and today we are going to highlight the best weight loss breakfast menu.

1. Poha

Poha is the lightest breakfast very popular in India and is made nowadays in other countries as well due to its effectiveness in weight loss and taste.

2. Egg Bhurji

Egg bhurji is a breakfast that is loved by all those who like consuming eggs. It includes vegetables for nutrition.

3. Idli Sambhar

If ever you think about what to eat for breakfast to lose weight, then idli sambhar is the best choice. It is a popular South Indian dish and is common breakfast.

4. Upma

Upma is another tasty South Indian breakfast dish and the best thing about upma is that it fills your stomach without adding on to the body weight.

5. Moong Daal Chilla

If you haven’t tried this dish yet and make it now. You just have to soak moong daal overnight and grind it in the mixture after which you’ll simply fry it lightly.

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6. Sabudana Khichdi

I am sure most of you must be unaware of this dish. Once you’ll eat it you’ll want to consume it regularly. These tiny grains are highly nutritious and reduce body fat.

7. Plain Dosa

If you will eat masala dosa or any other dosa you might get a little amount of fat in body but if you’ll consume plain dosa, it will be other way, i.e. you’ll lose weight. So eat plain dosa with sambhar.

8. Pudina Thepla

If you are someone who is fond of eating parantha then you can replace parantha with thepla. It will give you the taste of parantha but you won’t gain weight as it is thin and healthy.

9. Appam

It is very similar to dosa with the difference that it is very lightly fried and major portion of appam is baked from within. It tastes best with coconut chutney.

10. Namkeen Sewiyaan

Most of us must have eaten sweet sewiyaan but have you ever tried salty one? If no, then go for it. You will definitely love this Indian breakfast meal for weight loss.

So which dish are you planning to include in your breakfast menu tomorrow onwards? Follow this breakfast plan and share your experience with us below.

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