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List of Essential Diet Friendly Food, Must Have in Fridge [India]

Picking out your favorite eatables from the refrigerator is nothing new to us. It has nowadays become a reflex action. We have developed a habit of eating even when out stomach doesn’t demand food and we even store the leftover food in the fridge so that we can consume it later. Instead of stuffing your fridge with unhealthy food why don’t you keep healthy fridge snacks in the fridge. Recently, we have published a post on List of Best Indian Vegetables for Weight Loss and now we will be sharing fridge food list:

1. Apple

Apple is one of the best weight loss snacks to include in your healthy grocery list to be kept inside the fridge. Besides being nutritious it rapidly burns excessive fat in your body.

2. Water Melon Juice

I know that water melon is a seasonal fruit but you must keep it in your refrigerator for summers. It contains many healthy nutrients to provide you energy all day and refresh you.

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3. Baked Fish

Are you a non-vegetarian? If yes, you should then definitely include this food item in your fridge list as it is best source of protein and fill your stomach without adding on to the overall body weight.

4. Cucumber 

Cucumber is a very good source of water and must consumed in summers as well as winters. Raw cucumber might not taste too good but you can definitely add salt and then consume it.

5. Eggs

Eggs are another good source of protein and are usually found in the refrigerator of every non-vegetarian. It can be consumed like a snack in the form of a sandwich or during breakfast as boiled eggs.

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6. Dark Chocolate

Don’t be too shocked after seeing dark chocolate in this list. Let me tell you that dark chocolate reduces body fat but remember to keep dark chocolate and not normal chocolate.

7. Sandwich

Veg sandwich is an all time favourite snack of every human being. It is easy to make and can be stored in the refrigerator for later consumption.

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8. Milk

Milk is a good source of calcium and consumption of milk in the morning can help you in getting rid of maximum body fat. Just remember to consume it only in the morning.

9. Sprouts

Sprouts are extremely healthy for our body and can be consumed instead of unhealthy snacks. It tastes good when customized with the addition of more vegetables.

10. Lemon

I am sure everyone must be aware of the fact that lemon can just cut down your body fat. Obviously, you cannot consume raw lemon. You can drink lemon juice or squeeze lemon on vegetables for best results.

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