Let’s break up with Stress/ Stress- let’s face it, the Oxytocin way

How Oxytocin Plays Role?

Do you often have sleeplessness, headaches, depressed state of mind, irritated mood and recurring anger?

These symptoms depict that you are too one of the victims of stress and anxiety.


As best described by Dr. Hans Selye, stress is the rate of all wear and tear caused by life. Undoubtedly, people are ensnared with various kinds of worries and undesired situations around them. The mere thought of failure in life contrives towards accumulation of stress in mind. This further gives rise to unwanted behavior and perpetual turbulence running in the psyche.

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Clinically speaking, stress is responsible for changes in the level of various hormones in our body. Hormones play a vital role in driving the psychological behavior as well as the biological functions of our body. One of the major effects of prolonged stress and the modern day anxiety is the inadequate production of Oxytocin hormone in our body.

Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone located at the base of the brain. It is a very powerful hormone that helps in building a strong bond between relations and also empowers us psychologically.

To facilitate these facts let’s know more about it and its importance

  • Entrusted to be called a love molecule, Oxytocin helps couples establish an intimate and close relation. It helps in generating feelings of love and affection and is responsible for sexual orgasms and reproduction as well.
  • It plays an important role as a stress reliever. Oxytocin reduces cortisol, the stress hormone in the body helping us balance ourselves mentally to handle pressure and anxiety.
  • Oxytocin is a facilitator for childbirth and breast-feeding as it is released in huge amounts during child birth. After birth, it helps mothers create a bond of trust and intimacy with the child and can even pass on the Oxytocin to the baby through breast feeding.
  • Having an anti-inflammatory property, Oxytocin helps in pain relief and healing wounds.
  • Researchers have even found it beneficial for people suffering from autistic disorder.

While Oxytocin is so advantageous, it is imperative to note that all these benefits can be productive only if we get some Oxytocin in action when it is most required. This is certainly not possible keeping in mind the stress levels our body undergoes on a daily basis fighting for some sort of stability of mind and thoughts.

This is where alternatives like synthetics have a role to play. Doctors recommend using products like Oxytocin Factor which help stimulate the hormone spontaneously. In order to meet with high demands of Oxytocin levels in the body to enjoy the benefits, these synthetic forms of hormone function the same way the natural hormone does.

People who use such products like Oxytocin Factor nasal spray have benefitted a lot from them. Some of the instrumental effects are:

  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces stress
  • Develop intimacy again
  • Improves social bonds
  • Overcome complications during child-birth
  • Effective in the case of autistic children
  • Reduces feeling of anxiety
  • Experience joy, love and positivity

It has been proved that intake of such synthetic hormones has transformed lives of many in a positive manner and helping them lead a stress-free life.

People have shown to be proactive in their efforts and have become successful in reviving the lost essence in their relationships. They have been able to build healthy relations all around paving a way for growth and happiness in their lives.

There is never a harm to opt for an alternative, and in this case an alternative which creates a chemistry of connection.

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Let’s break up with Stress/ Stress- let’s face it, the Oxytocin way 2
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Let’s break up with Stress/ Stress- let’s face it, the Oxytocin way 3
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