Latest 46 Mehendi Designs for Rakhi Festival

Rakhi is the nearest festival coming up. And young girls and even married women love to celebrate Rakhi with their near and dear ones. Rakhi is known to be a brother and sisters festival and thus every brother and sister celebrate Rakhi with huge pomp and show.

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Applying mehendi, dressing up in new clothes is also said to be a part of the celebration. Thus, let’s have a look at some of the simpler but latest mehendi designs for the Rakhi season –

1. Cuff Mehendi Design

This is such a beautiful design, might look simple but it is not. This is a perfect blend of tradition and modern art. 

2. Arabic Rakhi Design

Such a pretty Arabic rakhi design. Very fast and neat application. Perfect for sisters who are on a go. 

3. Simple Mehendi Design

This is such a beautiful and simple Mehendi design and best Mehendi design for festivals. Will suit curvy hands quite well. 

4. Elegant Mehendi Design

Very stylish but super detailed. This might look easy but it is not

5. Floral Pattern

This is a perfect mehendi design for beginners. This is also a good option for the ones who love the floral pattern in Mehendi designs. 

6. Classy Mehendi Design

Another latest mehendi design. This is quite stylish and detailed and thus beautiful for Rakhi season. 

7. Floral Mehendi

very common mehendi design but the application is totally beautiful and quite modern here

8. For long hands

This is for the girls who have long hands. Such designs look beautiful on long delicate slender hands. A perfect feminine mehendi design. 

9. For your fingers

If you want to try some different mehendi design, then this should be your pick. Gone are those days when palms used to be adorned with mehndi designs. Now, this spiral latest mehendi design is quite trendy for the fingers. 

10. Traditional with thicker tip

11. Circular Pattern

This is the usual circular pattern of mehendi which look quite beautiful and trendy. 

12. For Tattoo Lovers

This is for all the tattoo lovers. Yes, you can get beautiful mehendi design just like this one.

13. Intericate Detailing Design

This is a beautiful mehendi design where both the hands are well coordinated. Here what you need is a beautiful mehendi design with intricate detailing. 

14. For your feet

Mehendi looks quite beautiful on feet too. And on fee,t such delicate beautiful pattern will look quite beautiful and surreal. 

15. Shaded Mehendi Design

Such shaded mehendi designs are high in demand. These are the latest mehendi design for your hands. 

16. For Newly Bride

This full hand mehendi art design requires a lot of practice andpatience. This is definitely a beautiful mehendi to be worn with newly brides. 

17. For back hand

Another beautiful back mehendi design. This looks beautiful and stylish at the same time. 

18. Spiral Mehendi Design

This spiral mehendi design is quite trendy and stylish. This looks great with a combination of the floral and beaded pattern.

19. Modern Mehendi Design

This is a beautiful branched outlook with mehendi. Looks quite modern and stylish. One of the best latest mehendi design for your hands. 

20. Minimal design

Such a stunning minimal latest mehendi design. Looks best in Rakhi season. 

21. Minimal Desugb

such a beautiful mehendi design which looks like a beautiful hand ornament. Very stylish and perfect for the upcoming festive season.

22. Chain Design

Another stunning and simple mehendi design. It looks surreal on hands. 

23. Detailed Mehendi Design

very very detailed mehendi design. Here you surely require the help of experts while trying this mehendi design. 

24. For your Palm

Another beauty and latest mehendi design. This is perfect to be applied at the center of your palm and then you can leave the rest of the hand bare. 

25. Heart Shaped Mehendi Design

Very stylish mehendi design. This is perfect for those girls who love to wear her heart on her sleeves. 

26. For young girls

Another beautiful mehendi design. This looks quite attractive and will look lovely on girls who love minimal designing. 

27. Floral Pattern Minimal

Another beautiful mehendi design which can be worked with shading and some floral pattern. 

28. Latest Stylish Design

Another stylish latest mehendi design. Very stylish and trendy and looks quite beautiful.

29. For Office Goers

This is a stunning mehendi design which is minimal at the same point of time. Here this mehendi design is perfect for office going girls as it is nothing too traditional. 

30. Small Design

very beautiful and quite small yet a statement mehendi design. Looks doable even at home and by beginners too. 

31. Trendy pattern

A beautiful mehendi design with the combination of circular and floral pattern. This looks quite trendy and stylish at the same time.

32. Trendy Pattern

This is a beautiful take on latest mehendi design. Here the mehndi is applied on the wrist area rather than on hands. Looks beautiful and the design is very similar to the bangled pattern. 

33. Do it at Home

This is an easy peasy simple but yet beautiful mehendi design. It can be done by ladies at home too. 

34. For simple n sober

35. Dense Pattern

This is perfect for the new brides for the Rakhi season. Such a dense pattern of mehendi looks lovely on hands but you would need a mehendi expert to do this kind of designs. 

36. Rakshabandhan Special

Such a stylish and latest mehendi design. Looks quite beautiful and perfect for the festival season and especially for the Rakhi. 

37. Traditional

This is the perfect combination of traditional yet modern Mehendi design. Looks stylish but requires a professional mehendi expert to do the same. 

38. Leafy Design

This leafy mehendi pattern is quite trendy. This is perfectly suited for girls who have a chubbier hand so that this design will give their hand an elongated look. 

39. Jal Work

This Jal work mehendi design with a combination of floral artwork is quite trendy and artistic. Looks beautiful and royal at the same time. 

40. Wear Hand Ornaments

This design is perfect for those who want to wear hand ornaments. This is very less in terms of time and patience. And quite good for people who want to have a quick hand in their mehendi designs. 

41. Floral and Jaal

Looks quite beautiful with the combination of shading, floral and jaal work on mehendi. 

42. Dark Leafy pattern

This leafy pattern is quite beautiful. But the major attraction here is the fully shaded mehendi on fingers. Looks beautiful. 

43. Quick mehendi design

A perfect combination of simple, less time consuming, modern and elegant mehendi design. 

44. Minimal Mehendi Design

a perfect take on traditional and minimal mehendi design. 

45. On your Fingers

Another stylish way of decorating your hands this Rakhi season. 

46. This is a perfect mehendi design for the Rakhi season

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