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If you are one of those people who are extremely curious about where they came from, then a DNA kit is the best thing for you to satisfy this curiosity. This is a genetic test that will help you find you your exact sectors and your family background. Moreover, some people are very conscious about their health and want to know about their body condition every time no matter if they are ill or not.

These people like to use it to see if they or their children are carrying any genetic disorders or not.

As there are many DNA kits available on the market right now, it becomes very difficult for people sometimes to chose the best one for themselves. In this article, we are going to share with you the best DNA kit reviews that will help you evaluate them and find out the best possible option for yourself.

23andMe-Biotechnology Company

23andMe is the best company that make the most inexpensive and reliable DNA kits. They cost just 199 dollars per kit. If you are interested in testing your health or to see if you are carrying any genetic disease, then this is the best option for you. This kit is not used for finding out the family tree as it is exclusively made for people who want to learn about their health. This is a very popular DNA kit and is reviewed by many customers as best for health testing.


This is another very important and useful DNA kit that is used mainly for the identification of the family tree. Those people who want to know about who their ancestors were, could use this effective Kit. It can be bough in just 94 dollars. It produces very reliable and accurate results. This kit is not used for health testing. It is exclusively made for Genealogy DNA testing.

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Living DNA

Another incredible DNA testing kit is living DNA. It can be bought just at the cost of 99 dollars. It is also made for people who want to trace their family tree to know their ancestors. Just like the ancestry DNA kit, the living DNA kit is not used for health testing.

Home DNA

Home DNA, as the name suggests is another DNA testing kit that is used at homes by people to check their health condition, especially for diseases that are of a genetic nature. Most pregnant mothers use this kit to check the genetic condition of their baby fetus.

MyHeritage DNA

This is yet another DNA testing kit for heritage issues. It is mainly used in cases when the paternity of a person is not confirmed, and there is an issue in property division among all siblings. So, this test is done to make sure if that person is part of that family or not.

These are the few DNA kits that are used by people commonly. Although all of them are very reliable, accurate, and extremely helpful to trace back ancestral heritage and genetic diseases, still make sure you consult some expert before their use.

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