Can you use Kratom for Weight Loss: Is it Safe and Effective?

kratom weight loss

Kratom is becoming so popular nowadays and vastly used by millions in the world. Kratom is used for many purposes and today we will discuss if Kratom can help lose the weight or not. If yes! then it is miracle because the world is struggling with issues like obesity and how to control it. Its a time of junk and fast food nowadays and we all are so much dependent on it. If Kratom can cure the problem of obesity by weight loss then its a miracle herb. But with the advantages of Kratom, there are side effects of it as well. we will discuss further in detail how Kratom works in the human body and if it is efficient for us to consume it.

For those who do not know what is Kratom and where it comes from they can read the following underneath:

Kratom Strain Origin

Kratom is also called a Kratom Strain. The scientific name is Mitragyna Speciosa and also known as Kratom. It is grown in many parts of Asia. Now it is imported to almost all the western countries. The demand for Kratom intake has grown so much and the vendors been in so much profit. The Golden monk who is expertise selling Kratom products made millions. They have a variety of Kratoms available. One can see and choose which Kratom is suitable for their needs. Each Kratom is different from one another in shape, color, and benefits. They all grow in different regions and the country as well.

Does Kratom Helps in Losing Weight

Kratom, when consumed, helps to suppress the appetite. When a person intakes food, the intake capacity decreases which helps to lose weight. But losing weight in a certain period of time is recommended. When we intake Kratom in a recommended dosage form, it helps lose weight. But after some time the effect does not show a further reduction of weight loss. That can lead to a person using Kratom in the higher dosage form. That’s called dependency. There are many cases approached saying Kratom intake can lead to its dependency. Addiction to anything is not good. So one should not consume Kratom in abundant form. The recommended dosage should be followed.

Is Kratom Safe or Not?

There is no scientific reason why Kratom consumption is safe or not safe. But the ideal way is to consume Kratom in a limited form in order to enjoy its effects for a longer run. There were few cases filed saying they had severe side effects and even deaths using an overdose of Kratom when mixed with other ingredients. But again there are hundreds who do have no side effects. Besides Kratom can now be bought from the counter shelves and in any health care shops. Kratom helps to lift up the mood. It triggers the receptors in the body which helps stimulate the human body functions and reduce the appetite. So to a certain extent, Kratom does help to lose weight.

How can we Intake Kratom

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Those who use Kratom can take it in a different form. Kratom can be used in various forms such as:

⦁ Kratom comes in a powder form and can be consumed in a powder form too. You can mix the Kratom mixture in warm luke water.

⦁ Kratom can be used in the form of shakes. They can be used and mixed with protein shakes. But for that one needs to use it in a lower dose and check if it is safe and they do not feel any side effects. Some people did complain and said it causes them irritability.

⦁ Some people smoke Kartom

⦁ Kratom can be used in the form of food too mixed with other materials

⦁ Kratom can be consumed in the form of juice


If Kratom used in a limited form then we can see the effects of it in a good way. It will help you to build the body and stamina with no or lower side effects. The dosage of kratom needs to be consumed very wisely. A lot of people died using Kratom when overdosed. One can take Kratom in a different form. You can give a gap of days and weeks for consuming Kratom. That way you do not become dependent on Kratom consumption. Thus I will say there are many vendors selling kratom health products. Choose wisely and try to see if it works for your health. Following the Kratom, instructions are very important. Thus, its up to the consumer to consume kratom and see if it will lose weight for them and how much.

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