How is Kim Sharma dealing after her breakup with Harshvardhan Rane

Kim Sharma and Harshvardhan Rane were always indulged in some of the other PDAs and the couple was going quite strong since some time. But as they say, everything comes with an expiry date, thus love also flayed away from this couple’s door. Yes, the dup is no longer together and both of them have confirmed this news.

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How is Kim Sharma dealing after her breakup with Harshvardhan Rane
How is Kim Sharma dealing after her breakup with Harshvardhan Rane

But before jumping to the news of their news of the break-up, let’s go back in the past. Kim had many failed relationships in the past. Some times back both of them started dating together and they were indulged in a lot of PDAs. during the screening of Harshvardhan’s movie Paltan Kim started acting coy. And the public did oohhh and aaahhs with their cuteness. the couple was seen biking together, taking their pets to walk together.

when asked then Harshvardhan replied “I will say I am a very open person. There’s nothing to hide, I have never been a person to hide anything. Of course, I am in a relationship but it’s a personal space.” He further added “There’s nothing to deny obviously, we are seen everywhere. We haven’t kept anything hidden till now. Since this is not work-related, I don’t know how to talk about it much, or what to discuss it.” “I am a private person. And as far as the other person is concerned, I have to respect them. Barring that, where I go, whether it’s the jungles and stuff, it’s out there. I ran away from my home at a young age, have worked in a cyber cafe and STD booth, I don’t have anything to hide,”

And just when everyone thought that it’s going to be wedding rings soon, things turned sour. for reasons unknown, the duo got separated and it’s confirmed.

The actor also posted a note on Instagram addressed to “K”, in which he wrote: “Thank you gentle soul! It was amazing and much more. God bless you and God bless me too. Bye.” He signed off the note as “H”.

Well, as per the sources there is no bad blood between the couple. But every heartbreak comes with heartache. And you should know how to deal with it. Kim Sharma is also dealing with the same by working. Yes, she has taken up a new job at Playworx – ITW consulting which provides digital marketing solutions.

She is also seen giving some major beach goals by sharing her bikini pictures on Insta. Well, that’s the way to go girl and deal with a breakup. Such positive vibes.

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