Kiara Advani : Good Girls fall for bad guys

Kiara Advani : Good Girls fall for bad guys

Yes, Kiara Advani the actress of the hour because of her stellar performance in Kabir Singh said that. Kabir Singh is about a good girl choosing a bad boy in general. But why? We have seen this time and again in our relationships as well.

Good girls always choose bad boys and we are still thinking about what can be the reason. It seems we need a bit of scientific explanation for the same.

When physiologists were asked then they revealed that a human being irrespective of gender has basically two types of characters. One is the boring and the good one whereas another one is risk-taking or the adventurous one. So, where is the question now?

Bad Boy
Bad Boy Portrait

The boring or the good ones are the one who returns to the office timely. Attend their morning meetings and always complete their work on time whereas the interesting ones are the ones who are risk-taking, come to the office late and that too without bathing and still manages to look sexy. They are the ones who will hear boss lectures and the boss will ultimately throw him out of the office.

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While trying to sympathize for him, you actually start liking him and invite him to share your lunch and go to long coffee walks with him and get scolded by your boss. And before you realize that you are spending more time with him that your boss, you have actually fallen for him.

Bad Boy bad habits
Bad Boy smoking

Maybe sex with him is great or maybe he is really funny or maybe he brings a smile to your face when you are tired and feeling grumpy. Well, if experts are to be believed when they say human always get attracted towards something which is opposite to them.

And thus a good girl has a soft spot for a bad guy even when the bad guy is all wrong. And of course, the motherly instinct of a girl always has that teacher’s quality which will make the bad guy stand out and teach him the correct way of life.

And the vicious cycle of love, teaching, and motherly care goes on.