Guy lost his Weight more than 100 pounds with Keto Diet

Guy lost his Weight more than 100 pounds with Keto Diet

Michael Searls recalls the time when he found out that his weight has gotten out of his hands. He realized that suddenly his size has increased from 32 to 46 waist. That’s devastating. He said

“I panicked that day. I ended up putting on a size 46, and I remember being in the fitting room just looking at myself with tears in my eyes, not believing I was that size,”

Searls who is just 30 and works as an overnight manager for Walmart in Sioux City, Iowa says he was shocked when he saw the weighing machine reading stopped at 380 pounds. He gained most of it during his early twenties when he was juggling with depression and inactiveness because of his accident. He was unable to consume solid foods during that time. He mostly ate mashed potatoes and puddings most of which was unhealthy.

Guy lost his Weight more than 100 pounds with Keto Diet 1
Guy lost more than 100 pounds with Keto Diet

He thought that this is the high time I need to check about my diet. Thus, he said that he wanted to try Keto diet because undoubtedly it is one of the most popular diets for weight loss. He weighed the pros and cons and then said

“I would read papers and listen to podcasts and YouTube videos all day until I felt that I had sufficient information,”

He says.

“I was about to go against all of the information I’d been given my whole life, which was ‘fat makes you fat,’ but I decided the worst thing that could happen is I would gain weight again. And if I did, then I would just stop the diet.”

His diet worked in the first month only and he lost a good 10 pounds. He combined weight training, light cardio weight and then he was losing more pounds. In the first three years, he lost 80 pounds. He said

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“I feel great. My confidence is at an all-time high, and so is my energy. I’d be lying if I said I still don’t see myself as a fat guy or a big guy, but that’s a mental block I’m working on,”

Now, his focus is on add more muscles and work towards the bodybuilding field. He said,

“Now that I’m slimmer, I’m noticing that I have a pretty good frame for the sport, and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do.” For people just getting started, Searls says the key to his success was doing his homework ahead of time. There’s no solution that works for everyone, and it’s crucial to figure out what’s best for you. “If you stay consistent and do the research, you’ll find what works for you, and it’ll make all the difference.”

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