BREAKING : Instagram Model Praised For Her Weight gain Pictures

BREAKING : Instagram Model Praised For Her Weight gain Pictures

Instagram is the new facebook today. People are following Insta and going gaga over it. And then people are uploading their photos on Instagram.

Insta family makes sure that they only upload their best photos in the best angles. And many people also make sure that their cellulite and double chin is not visible. But we have come through a model, Karina Irby who is doing just the opposite. She is showing off her weight gain pictures quite proudly.

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Australian Model Karina Irby showed off her weight gain photos. Yes, the lady gained 22 pounds and she was happily showing off her new figure at Instagram. This 29-year-old girl wrote that she never felt any better. Also, she shared her before and after pictures as well on Instagram.

The model wrote “boobs, but, hip and thighs” after being slim-framed for so long. This morning Facebook notified me of a memory from 9 years ago. I was so shocked to see how tiny I used to be when I was a teenager!”

She further added that she went through self-consciousness and body negativity when her body was changing rapidly with age. She wanted to preserve and hold onto her teenage body.

After she gained weight from 54 Kg to 64 Kg, she says that she has gained cellulite and eczema patches. But she is proud of those marks. In her pictures also she is proudly flaunting those marks. Also, she feels that with weight gain her skin has also substantially improved.

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She further wrote

“What I’m trying to say is stop being so hard on yourself. Your body is beautiful and it’s keeping you alive! Worship the heck out of it! I wish I did sooner.”

But of course, there were trolls who criticized her body. Some wrote,

“Your thighs and ass look revolting.”

A Woman also wrote

“Woman, you have a heart problem if you’re telling people to worship their bodies. Your body, or anyone else’s, isn’t worthy of worship. There’s only one person worthy of our worship and His name is Jesus.”

She also fired back at some of the trolls. She wrote

“I guarantee that if they met me (us) face-to-face they would never have the guts to say these things,”

Well, in this diet and weight loss world, it’s really good to see someone gaining weight and being happy with the same. Kudos to you lady.

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