Cricketer Jasprit Bumrah is dating Anupama?

Jasprit Bumrah girlfriend Anupama

Jasprit Bumrah is dating this South Indian actress?

Association between cricket and Bollywood is not at all uncommon. And we have heard many fling stories between our boys in blue and the beauties of Bollywood. One of the recent such stories is the love affair between Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. The duo dated for some time and finally got married in the year 2017.

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No wonder the association between these two worlds are equally dreamy and royal. And currently, there may be such one association in the pipeline.

Rumors are rife that Jasprit Bumrah might be dating Anupama Parameswaran. Anupama is a South Indian actress who shot to fame with 2015 movie Premam. It has been said that Anupama is following Bumrah closely on Twitter and the actress is head over heels with Jasprit.

Now, Bumrah is also one of the top bowlers and youth face of the Indian team. It is no surprise that he gets at least dozens of marriage requests every time he plays a match from one or the other of his female followers.

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Earlier also Bumrah was said to be engaged with other South Indian beauty Raashi Khanna. On probing further, the actress said

Jasprit Bumrah is dating this South Indian actress?

“I know that Bumrah is an Indian cricketer, that’s it. There is nothing beyond that. I don’t know him personally and I have even never met him yet. There is no truth in it (relationship rumors). It is sad to see such linkup rumors circulating on social media about a woman without any proper information”

Bumrah is currently in the UK and he is playing world cup now. He is said to be a shy and introvert person. When asked in an interview, the bowler replied

Jasprit Bumrah is dating this South Indian actress?

“Not at all! I’m not shy. I do speak. It’s just that I take my time to open up, ever since I was a kid. People who know me will give you a different report if you ask them.”

Bumrah is also said to be one of the fittest members of all times. He has got an extremely good physique.

Jasprit Bumrah is dating this South Indian actress?

“Cheat days get lesser by the day. The more you inculcate discipline, cheat days just keep disappearing and there comes a time when the idea of a cheat day doesn’t even occur to you. I changed my diet, changed my training routines, starting ticking certain boxes that were new to my daily routine. It’s simple – if I have to give myself the best opportunity to perform, I’ve got to remain in the best shape possible. The thing is, reaching certain fitness levels is only half the work done. Staying there is the tougher half. The real challenge begins when you reach the top.”

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