Is Oral Rehydration Best For You? Signs It Is The Right Choice

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Do you find yourself lacking the energy to make it through the day?  Did you have ‘the runs’ recently?  Are your teeth getting stained faster than usual?  If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you may be lacking proper hydration.

You can drink the recommended amount of water per day to maintain proper hydration. But, some cases exist wherein drinking conventional water might not be enough to remain hydrated. If so, you might need oral hydration therapy.

What is Oral Rehydration Therapy?

Oral rehydration therapy is a treatment consisting of consuming salt-and-sugar-based solutions orally. These mixtures help treat dehydration-related symptoms, particularly those from certain ailments, like diarrhea.

You might wonder why you need to consume an oral rehydration solution to maintain proper hydration. According to , water isn’t enough, especially if you’re in a state of dehydration.

First, you need sodium as this component is essential for dehydration relief. But, consuming it as a standalone ingredient can be harmful to the body. Hence, you must add glucose to the mix. Glucose, or sugar, helps the sodium reach the bloodstream fast. Achieving this helps the bloodstream absorb more water than average.

Furthermore, opening the ‘gates’ for more water to pass also helps the body absorb other nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, and zinc. As a result, following oral rehydration therapy can promote several benefits.

Here are some scenarios wherein drinking oral rehydration solutions might be your best treatment option:

Recover From ‘The Runs’

Diarrhea, also called ‘the runs,’ is a health issue wherein the body makes loose, watery, and potentially more frequent bowel movements. This health concern shouldn’t last for more than a few days. But, some serious cases might happen when the patient may experience diarrhea for a week or more.

Furthermore, diarrhea comes with several possible symptoms, such as fever, bloating, and nausea. But, one common symptom that many diarrhea patients may experience is dehydration.

Note that the large intestine is responsible for water absorption from food matter. However, diarrhea prevents this physiological event from happening. As a result, the body excretes more water than usual, causing dehydration.

Oral rehydration therapy can be an excellent solution to recover hydration from diarrhea. One study from the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health sought to find a solution for diarrhea-related deaths. The results of the study revealed that drinking oral rehydration solutions may prevent 93% of diarrhea deaths.

Moreover, there are relatively no age restrictions in consuming these mixtures. Children below five years old and adults older than 60 years old may drink these rehydration solutions to recover from dehydration caused by diarrhea.

Get More Energy

If you’re always feeling tired, perhaps, you’re not getting enough hydration.

A study published in The Journal of Nutrition highlighted the effects of dehydration in young women. The researchers found that a 1.4% fluid loss from exercise impaired the proponents’ concentrations and moods. Furthermore, this dehydrated state may play a role in the frequency of the research participants’ headaches.

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Experiencing health complications because of dehydration might cause a drop in energy levels. Hence, you might finish your workout for the day, but you may not have enough energy to finish the rest of your daily tasks.

Note that the body’s cells need sufficient amounts of water to function normally. Water is also a dominant and vital component of the human body as it takes up about 60% of your internal system.

Therefore, consider implementing oral rehydration therapy in your daily life to help restore lost energy. Drinking oral rehydration solutions may help your body absorb more electrolytes, essential minerals that play vital roles in aiding the body to produce additional energy. These components may also help open the pathways for the bloodstream to absorb more water, reducing the risks of dehydration.

Failure to recover sufficient hydration might lead to constant fatigue. Furthermore, a significant drop in hydration may lead to mild-to-serious issues, which may include (but not limited to) reduced cognitive performance and impaired moods.  

Promote Weight Loss And Healthy Skin

Maintaining proper hydration might not only give you more energy, but it may also assist in your weight loss efforts.

Ensuring proper hydration through oral rehydration therapy allows the digestive system to function as intended. In particular, the large intestine should work efficiently if your body has enough moisture levels. In effect, drinking oral rehydration solutions helps flush harmful toxins from the body through the large intestine, promoting weight loss.  

As a bonus, oral rehydration therapy flushes out the toxins that may contribute to aging skin. In return, maintaining sufficient amounts of moisture in the body helps maintain clear skin and reduce signs of aging.

Smile With Healthy Teeth

Dehydration can lead to dry mouths. Furthermore, this dryness may lead to a growing influx of harmful bacteria in oral activity.

The ‘bad’ bacteria might promote various dental problems, which might include cavities and stained teeth. Prevent these dental issues from happening by drinking oral rehydration solutions regularly.

Starting and following an oral rehydration therapy helps provide sufficient moisture to the body, especially for the oral cavity. Providing appropriate hydration to your body may normalize saliva, allowing the teeth to fight tooth decay efficiently.

Furthermore, adequate amounts of saliva help remove food and other debris stuck between teeth. Failure to remove these objects might result in plaque, a sticky film usually found along the gum line that may lead to gingivitis if left untouched.

Although it’s possible to remove plaque with regular teeth brushing, your teeth might need extra help in eliminating this dirty substance. Thus, consider drinking oral rehydration solutions for healthy teeth and mouth.

Final Words

Oral rehydration therapy can be an excellent option for various scenarios. Drink oral rehydration solutions to recover lost moisture from diarrhea. You can also consume these mixtures to give you additional energy to finish daily tasks. It’s also possible that these solutions may contribute to weight loss efforts. Thus, start this therapy today, and you might reap its many benefits sooner than later.

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