Is it Good or Bad to Wash Your Hair every day?

Is it Good or Bad to Wash Your Hair every day?

Washing hair every day is a good practice or not? Now, this is a tricky question. Why? The answer is simple but since every person is different because of the environment in which he/she lives in, the lifestyle he/she follows and especially the genetic configuration, therefore, we should understand the answer on an individual basis. If everybody would be same then we can provide a generalized answer but since there are many factors which affect the health of scalp when it is washed regularly then you should first learn about those factors to take decision for yourself that you really need a regular hair wash or not.

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Why you need hair wash?

The body produces a natural oil called “sebum” which is secreted by the body in order to moisten the uppermost layer of the skin known as “dermis” because dermis always remains in direct contact to the outer atmosphere which can make it dry. The dry skin can have breaks from where bacteria or germs can invade into the skin. But this sebum also attracts dirt particles and makes your scalp dirty. The low amount or excess amount of sebum can cause bacterial or fungal infection. Therefore you need to wash your hair.

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How much washing do you need?

The answer is different for every person as mentioned above but you can consider some factors before deciding the appropriate amount of washing for your hair.

Skin type

According to a health column published in Columbia University, if your hair ranges from normal to dry then you need to wash your hair once or twice a week while if you have oily skin or greasy scalp then you need to wash your hair more often.

Hair texture

This is a significant factor because it can reduce or enhance the effect of sebum on the hair. It means if you have coarse and curly hair then the sebum will not affect much area means you can manage by shampooing once a week while if you have fine and straight hair then the sebum will affect the entire hair length means you may need the hair wash twice a week or more than that.


The washing of hair also depends on the use of chemical based hair products like hair gel, hair sprays etc. If you use hair styling products frequently then you need hair wash more frequently because chemicals can damage your hair and you must get rid of them when you are done with its purpose. If your hair is already thin and damaged then you should avoid hair styling products as well as frequent shampooing.

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If you are doing any activity which produces sweat all over the body especially on the scalp then you need to wash it regularly as sweat consists of lactic acid which can cause hair fall and it also contains DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. This is a sex hormone which helps in calcification in the scalp and restricts the nutrient supply to the hair follicles by affecting the blood supply which can kill the scalp tissues and stops hair growth.

These factors will help you in assessing your hair type and the need for hair washing. But you still wonder that what harm is in there if you shampoo your hair daily then the answer is regular washing of hair will wash off the natural oil or sebum from the scalp and makes it dry and flaky.

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