The 10 Principles of Integrative Psychiatry

The 10 Principles of Integrative Psychiatry

What is Integrative Psychiatry?

Integrative psychiatry uses both conventional and complementary treatments in the therapy of psychiatric disorders. There are personalized treatments offered by BetterHelp that are developed to accommodate each person’s lifestyle, encourage self-awareness, and offer support.

Some of the treatments included are as follows:

  • Functional and nutritional assessments of personal health differences and needs can be inscribed inherently through diet, exercise, and/or complements.
  • Mind-body centering exercises that enhance the relaxation response.
  • Gentle bodywork and slight mind exercises to promote relaxation

Now, to better understand the broad meaning of integrative psychiatry, there exist 10 principles as described below:

1.  Optimal Mental Wellness

There is no need to always stay depression-less or not anxious. Some mental stress will only bring out the best in you, and for better help, there are always your loved ones, family, or therapists to turn to when you can no longer withstand the pain.

2. Strong Relationships

Today, people spend most of their time with social people in the outside world, whether at the office, school, or college. Hence, it is the people you surround yourself with who affect your daily vibes. Do remember, being heard and accepted for who you are is important.

3. Your Body, Mind, and Environment Operate as a Whole

You can not treat signs without realizing the reasons for the symptoms. You should not worry if you cannot find answers to some daily questions, like “Why are you always feeling anxious?” and “What is falling apart in your life, your work, your relationships, your body?” All of these factors should be recognized and addressed one by one with peace of mind.

4. The Money is in Prevention

You should not wait for some problem to occur and then cry over the spilled milk. However, be ready and prepared to face and overcome any situation life throws at you. You can always talk to loved ones or parents because, at this point, even BetterHelp can be replaced by thinking they are like your buddies!

5. We All Have Inner Healing Power

We are all born with a healthy state of mind, but as we progress, heavy responsibilities and maintaining relations start pressuring us, which gradually leads to some sickness. The irony is, this sickness happens inside of us, and no one can find out unless you have the courage to share and heal.

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6. Integrated Treatment Therapies

This is where integrative psychiatry serves as better help in this field of dealing with mental disorders. The best conventional, medical, and psychiatric diagnostic techniques and treatments can be combined with alternative approaches like mindfulness, supplements, acupuncture, body massage, or music therapies.

7. We Have a Personal Responsibility for Our Health and Happiness

Joy, happiness, and fulfillment are not something that any psychiatrist or therapist can offer you along with their consultation. You must now understand that these can only be generated if you think about them!

 8. Individuality Should Be Accepted

Every person in the universe is created with a distinct body and mind. You don’t have the right to change anybody nor change yourself. Accept people for who they are; only then will they likewise accept you.

9.  Use of Epitomes

Just like we say, “Practice before you preach,” it is always advisable that, before giving someone else advice, make sure that either you or some other person has gone through the same experience. This is where BetterHelp assures helpful services.

10. This Too Shall Pass

Nothing comes with a permanent tag in life; there’s always an end, even for the good and bad phases. Stay strong and overcome these mental issues to admire yourself in the future.

That being said, it’s just a bad day and not a bad life!

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