Top Indian Celebrities Who Used Surrogates for Kids

Top Indian Celebrities Who Used Surrogates for Kids

It is no surprise that many Indian celebrities are opting to have children through surrogates. No celebrity surrogate cost is too small for some of these stars. Just look at some of these particular stars who have used the services of surrogates in the past. These are people who have had many reasons for having surrogates, but even with all of that they still find ways to show how much they care and that they want to have loving families of their own.

Shahrukhan Celebrity Surrogacy Kid

Shah Rukh Khan

The celebrity secret surrogate trend started with Shah Rukh Khan when he and his wife Gauri hired a surrogate for their third child. It was a real surprise to the public and even led to many people wondering who that surrogate could be. However, the identity of that surrogate has never been revealed. The stories surrounding the surrogacy have been rather intriguing given that there were rumours stating that he and his wife had been getting into an IVF clinic in the hopes of having a child through a bit of assistance.

Also, that third child was in intensive care for a period of time after his birth. Fortunately, he has recovered and is now a wonderful child who has been making the rounds on Shah’s social media profiles.

Aamir Khan Celebrity Surrogacy Kid

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan and his second wife Kiran Rao had a child through a surrogate. This came as Rao found out that due to various medical issues, she would be unable to bear her own child. A miscarriage proved to be difficult for them as well, but it simply inspired the couple to look for someone who could help them with having their own child.

This led to them looking for a celebrity surrogacy agency to help them with having a child of their own. The child that they had through the surrogate goes with the other two children that Khan had during his first marriage.

The couple has not been all that open about their past struggles to have children. But they have shown in public that they are truly happy at this point as they have children that they can truly love.

Seema Khan Celebrity Surrogacy Kid

Sohail Khan and Seema Khan

This is another case of a celebrity couple hiring a surrogate due to them not being able to have their own child naturally. Always Sohail and Seema Khan had one child, they made an attempt to have another child ten years later. They were unsuccessful in that effort, thus prompting them to have that second child through a surrogate.

Tusshar Kapoor Celebrity Surrogacy Kid

Tusshar Kapoor

An interesting point about the Tusshar Kapoor baby story is that Kapoor is not married and is uncertain as to when he will have one. He simply contacted an Indian celebrity surrogacy to help him with having a child of his own. This makes Tusshar one of the few single parents in the Indian entertainment world and is also believed to be the first prominent male star in Bollywood to have directly contacted a surrogacy team to get help with having a child. It also makes Jack Jeetendra a proud grandfather.

Tusshar has been open about the surrogacy and how he received IVF help. But he also says that he has held a strong desire to be a father to a child. His heart is definitely into parenting as he has shown on social media. In addition, he has stated that director Prakash Jha had encouraged him to contacting a surrogacy instead of just adopting a child.

Karan Johar Celebrity Surrogacy Kid

Karan Johar

You might have read some stories about the Karan Johar twin babies reports of recent time. His twin son and daughter were born through a surrogacy in recent time although not much information has been released on how the surrogacy worked.

People have been very positive about Johar’s efforts. He has been excited over being a father and has been working hard to be a good parent over time.

sunny leone celebrity surrogacy kid

Sunny Leone

This all leads to the newest story surrounding surrogacy celebrities in India and how they are using this system for having kids. Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber had twin babies through surrogacy. Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber were born and will join their adopted sister Nisha Kaur Weber. The couple had considered surrogacy for years as a means of having children. This proud Sunny Leone surrogate story shows that her family is finally full and that she has a strong attitude for taking care of children.

All of these stories about surrogacy celebrities in India show that many stars are willing to use these services to have their own kids. Whether it be through physical issues or just a simple desire to have a family, it is clear that many celebrities in India are ready to go that extra mile. But it is all about love and for showing that they care about their kids. More importantly, it is about being whole in life and having a family that one can truly love.

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