Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

One of the most important features of Indian brides is their hairstyle. According to the traditions and epics best hairstyles for Indian hair are generally braids, buns, and open curls.

Here is a list of Indian bridal hairstyles for short hair that you can ace on your wedding day.

  • Sleek Accessorized Bun

While thinking of wedding hairstyles for very short hair the most preferred hairstyle would be a sleek bun accessorized with a golden broch. It not only makes you comfortable but also gives an ethnic look.

  • Side-Swept Bun

Looking for an Indian bridal hairstyle for the saree Side-swept style can be a fantastic way to switch from a morning haldi to an evening reception.

  • Top-Knot Buns

A neatly tied bun with soft hair flicks brushing against the face is the best hairstyle for Indian hair as it also glorifies the bridal pallu and gives enough attention to the front puff hair too.

  • Luscious Curls

The simplest way to dress your curls is to wrap them up in a pretty messy bun.

  • Offbeat Yet Edgy

A gorgeous bridal hair with a twisty bun and a multi-flower gajra (garland) is like a ray of beauty.

  • Chand Choti

A simple ponytail with elegant accessories gives a stylish yet classy look, perfect for pre-wedding functions.

  • Clean Curls

This wedding season ditches the traditional bun and goes for open soft waves. You can also make a hair tiara at the crown for making your maang tikka cloudless.

  • Cascade Curls

The charming blend of braids and cascading curls not only add volume to your hair but also gives limelight to the gorgeous maang tikka.

  • Sleek & Straight Hair

Straight hair and minimal jewellery can be elegant and stylish, or relaxed.

  • Partly Braided, Partly Open

The loose braid on curly hair with statement hairpins is a must try Indian must-try for short hair for the wedding.

  • Get a Hairband

Stand out with beautiful curls and a dramatic hairband. It’s not only perfect, but it also gives the hair a unique look.

  • Short hair with Accessories

A low messy bun with statement accessories surely makes you a Vintage Diva.

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  • Colourful yet Clean Short Hair

Dyed hair brings a vibrant and dazzling look. You may brush your hair back and style it with your favourite flower.

  • Well Defined Waves

Style your short hair in glamourous retro look with adding curls and securing one side of hair with matching hair pins.

  • Low Chignon

Try a minimal reverse matha patta to make your hair look elegant.

  • Simple Low Bun

A crown puff side spewed low bun with attractive accessories can make you a simple and sober bride.

  • Braided Half Tie

A messy hair tiara with partial front braids on both sides gives will give emphasis on your jewellery stand out.

  • Crisp Curls

Be the stylish lady you are by wearing this half-tie hair.

  • Simple and Sleek Hairline

Sleek your hair at side and let some fresh air to the rest.

  • Bob Cut Hairstyle

A side plate with loose curls make you the diva that you are.

  • Waves to the Volume

A side-styled flowing waves till shoulder is one the of best Indian bridal hairstyles for short hair.

  • Messy Side Swept

A messy curly low side bun with some curls down is perfect chic hairstyle for wedding

  • Low Side updo

Collecting your hair at side with messy bun is boho way to style for the d-day.


Even if your hair barely reaches your shoulder it is your golden pride. You don’t have to touch the ground with extensions on your wedding day. If a chopped cut is your thing, you’re the lady to surf that wave.

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