Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally with These Foods

Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally with These Foods

If you’re looking for ways to boost your testosterone levels, you’ve probably read about – and perhaps even tried – some of the many supplements that are out there waiting for you to buy. Now many of these do what they promise, and help you boost your testosterone levels, but wouldn’t you rather do it naturally?

There are many foods that, when taken as part of a regular, organized diet, can help boost your testosterone, and you may be surprised at some of them. Let’s check out some of the food that you need to be including in your diet if you want to boost your testosterone levels.

Zinc and Vitamin D

It is absolutely essential that we all take in sufficient quantities of zinc and vitamin B. These can be found in a variety of foods that we eat on a regular basis. You can find vitamin D naturally in, for example, the following:



Egg yolks


These may all be part of your regular diet. You can find zinc in, among other things:

Shellfish such as crab and lobster


Beans – white, kidney and black, which also contain vitamin D

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Beef, especially the chuck roast and liver

Now, as these may already be a part of your diet – although oysters and shellfish may just be occasional treats – let’s look at some other foods you might want to add to your diet sheet.

Testosterone Boosting Naturally

One of the substances you may have read about is Selenium. Selenium is a mineral that is found in small traces in a variety of places. In fact, it occurs naturally in soil and in water. You can find out a lot more about Selenium and its effects if you click here.

Selenium is known to be beneficial in boosting testosterone, especially in conjunction with zinc, and is found in a variety of foods. It is mainly found in brazil nuts and is also present in such as egg yolks, beef, and oysters, so you will take in selenium if eating these foods for other reasons.

It is worth remembering that even with natural products such as this, too much can be a bad thing, so be sure to organize your diet carefully, and perhaps consult a dietician should you need further advice. It is rare to overdose on selenium as it is only present in small amounts, but it pays to be careful.

Eastern Trends

We often turn to the East for ideas on alternative diets and medicine, and it is interesting to note that Ginseng has been proven to boost testosterone levels in men. This is a popularly used food in many places, but in the west is not often seen. It’s worth checking out ginseng in some Chinese recipes, as these are also rich in nutrients that may be useful in testosterone boosting.

One interesting plant that can be used in conjunction with other ingredients to boost testosterone levels – although it has mixed results on its own – is the stinging nettle. If this seems odd to you, this is a plant that is widely used in Eastern medicine to treat various ailments.

From the information we have given you there is plenty you can do with your regular daily diet to increase your intake of substances that help with boosting testosterone, and most of the plants and foods are available off the shelf at your local store.

It is certainly worth having a chat with a dietician if you are still unsure, to see if you can put together a diet that will help.

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