Incorporating CBD into Your Wellness Routine

CBD wellness health benefits

CBD oil is nothing new. In fact, the DEA Museum reminds us that the use of cannabis was first noted many thousands of years ago in Asia – and since then, it has spread across the world, including, eventually, the USA.

Since the 2018 Farm Bill, it’s been legal to buy some CBD products in America, each of which can provide number of different health benefits for your body. So what are these benefits, and how might you improve your wellness regime with CBD oil? 

What is CBD Oil?

First off, CBD oil is not the same thing as marijuana, although as it is often referred to as ‘medical marijuana’, you can be forgiven for believing otherwise. It’s actually short for cannabidiol, which is a non-addictive, non -psychoactive compound that occurs naturally in hemp plants.

Our bodies have their own endocannabinoid system, which keeps your body running smoothly, balancing various functions to leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

However, there may be occasions when your body doesn’t produce enough, or times when they are broken down too quickly – and that’s where CBD oil comes in useful, replacing the lost endocannabinoids and helping you back to a less-stressed life. 

What Conditions is CBD Oil good for?

The use of CBD oil is not just beneficial for those with an illness or disability – it can have benefits for everyone, including reducing the risk of heart disease and fighting off infections, as well as improving your sleep, appetite, and mood. That being said, there are a number of conditions that can be treated with CBD Oil including seizures, acne, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, and depression.

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Some scientists also suggest that it has benefits for those with cancer, HIV, and AIDS. 

Which CBD Oil Products to Choose?

So how do you know which CBD oil is the best one for you, and which products will work most effectively as part of your wellness regime? Firstly, think about what you are aiming to achieve – for pain relief, for example, you may prefer to vape, as the CBD will take effect more quickly.

Remember that not all CBD products are created equal, and everyone responds differently to CBD oil, so go for lower levels of potency when you first try product and consider whether it contains THC as well. Up to 0.3% is the cut-off for CBD products produced from hemp, and that’s more than enough to boost the therapeutic effects without giving you some of the side effects that go along with higher levels of THC. 

If you like to relax in a bath, to help relieve pain or otherwise, then you could consider investing in some CBD bath bombs to add to your routine. Whether you go for a chilled out, sleep promoting variety, or a glow in the dark option, there’s bound to be a bath bomb out there you’ll love.

Lotions, potions, and serums are also available to help protect and improve the condition of your skin, and you can even get CBD lube if you’d like to switch things up in the bedroom! For those who would prefer to take CBD orally, there is a vast range of products too – pick up oil which is dropped on the tongue, or grab a container of gummies for CBD in easy to swallow, daily-dose form. 

With new and wonderful ideas for CBD hitting the shelves on a regular basis, it’s easy to find something that you can incorporate into your own wellness regime. Do your research, find the best CBD oil for your needs and lifestyle, and then sit back and relax – whichever way works for you.

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