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Are you in need of teeth whitening to reinvigorate your smile that has been maligned by discoloration? There are several options for professional teeth whitening for you. Cosmetic dental procedures are becoming more and more popular. This can be done at home or in-office. The main advantage of the in-office systems in comparison to the home-use systems is that it contains low dose bleaching agents. In office whitening procedures are professionally managed under carefully monitored conditions. This will allow for controlled, safe and pain-free use of bleaching gel that contains high doses. This will yield results that are visible immediately to you.

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The average cost to whiten your teeth in office is around $650. This is comparatively costlier than take-home trays that cost $400 and over the counter bleaching strips and trays that cost under $100. The cost also depends on the maintenance that is required after teeth whitening. It is found that typical session can last between 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Advantages of teeth whitening

The main benefits of teeth whitening are that it produces the fastest results and it is safer compared to other methods. Controlling the tooth and gum sensitivity is possible. Thicker peroxide gels are used that does not soak that much into the teeth compared to a regular gel. Dentists also use desensitizers such as potassium fluoride and nitrate.

Disadvantages of teeth whitening

One of the significant drawbacks of teeth whitening is that the results can be unpredictable. This is because the results depend on heredity, age and the type of staining that is present. Also, in-office bleaching does not provide permanent solutions. If the teeth are not appropriately maintained, stains will get accumulated shortly after the treatment is completed. Therefore low maintenance bleach needs to be done periodically that can keep the teeth white for longer periods.

Stains That are Best Removed by a Pro

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In-office whitening is best for removing organic stains or discolorations that are caused by:

  • Aging: When you age, your teeth become dark with green, brown, yellow or grey cast. This can happen due to eating habits or heredity. Yellow teeth become white more easily.
  • Consumption of foods such as red wine, coffee, soda, and dark colored fruits and vegetables.
  • Use of tobacco

Stains Resistant to In-Office Whitening

Certain stains cannot be removed by in-office whitening. They include:

  • Teeth having inorganic stains. They do not respond well to in-office whitening.
  • Trauma causes dentin to become dark
  • Antibiotics consumed during tooth formation. These chemicals can react with enamel and dentin.
  • Fluorosis that causes tooth discoloration

Are you a Candidate for in-office whitening?

Once you have visited a dentist and have gotten a pass for teeth whitening, you can choose a method that matches your personal preference and budget. You can have a dramatic whitening effect and faster results with the help of in-office whitening. If you have hypersensitive teeth, then you need to have a custom fitted whitening tray that contains lower bleach concentration. You can also get over the counter products that are available at your local convenience store depending on your budget.

Before going for the teeth whitening procedures, you need to see that you do not have the following conditions.

Gum and tooth hypersensitivity– Hypersensitivity should be avoided to give you the best experience. This can be done by using take-home bleaching trays that contain low doses of carbamide peroxide.

Intractable staining- Stains that are deep and intractable are resistant to high concentration bleaches. In these cases, you can ask your dentist to provide you with alternatives to peroxide bleaching such as crowns, bonding or veneers.

Teeth that have become transparent with age cannot be subject to in-office teeth whitening. This applies to front teeth that are very thin.


According to dental academics, in office teeth whitening is the safest and best when it comes to creating a better smile. It is more economical as compared to laser teeth whitening. These procedures provide the maximum benefit for the least risk. In-office teeth whitening procedures are being popular among young people who want better smiles.

While the average cost to whiten your teeth is high, the advantages it provides are numerous. It is possible to get the best white teeth with the help of the teeth whitening procedure. Avail this procedure now and get the best benefits!

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