Manoj Patil won the IFBB Pro Men’s physique category | Happenings at IHFF Expo, New Delhi

ihff expo 2019

India is being considered as one of the hotbeds for the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Asian Business Exhibitions & Conferences Ltd. came up with the launch of International health Sports & Fitness Festival. This is an end to end business model which had earlier taken place in Bangalore and now the same is taking place in Delhi on 5th, 6th, and 7th July 2019. This is one of the best and most competitive places where talents of fitness domain come together and perform at the same platform.

Many big names of bodybuilding domain were seen. Sangram Chouguley, Guru Mann, Jeremy Buendia are some of the big names who were seen there. Even Guru Mann and Jeremy Buendia were seen exchanging fitness tips and tricks too. More than 1.5 lacs visitors were seen in a three-day long event.

Here fitness enthusiasts and athletes from a different age, capability, and strength come together across the globe and take part in this prestigious event.

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This event is highly motivating in nature and this is the perfect place to celebrate strength, health, and life for all the individuals. The Indian health industry is going through a major boom period where there are a number of fitness icons who are constantly paying their attention to the fitness industry.

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IHFF is one of the prestigious platforms which is known to bring together different fitness icons under one single crown. Many health enthusiasts, fitness experts, visitors, and industry experts come together to celebrate the best of health and physique.

Sheru Classic is one of the top features where both male and female athletes take part and thus demonstrate the best of physique and body. The event took place very recently in Delhi at Pragati Maidan and many high profile fitness enthusiasts were seen. Bodybuilding, classic physique and physique are some of the major categories in men whereas, in females bikini, figure, physique, and fitness are some of the major categories.

Manoj Patil won the IFBB Pro Men’s physique category.


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