Ideal Shape Shake: Advantages and Potential Hazards

ideal shape shakes

According to the information provided on the company’s website, the component that makes Ideal Shape stand out is a hunger blocker. Apart from this ingredient, there are vitamins and minerals that cover over a half of a daily need. Ideal Shape comes in 7 different flavors among which are chocolate, strawberry, orange cream and others. Since it’s cheaper than many other shakes, people get interested in it. We decided to review Ideal Shape in order to establish its advantages and disadvantages in terms of taste, quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Ingredients and side effects

Ideal Shape shake contains up to 30 ingredients. While some of them are natural and safe, many of them are quite questionable.

Artificial flavoring agent. Wanting to make the taste of their shakes recognizable, the producers add an artificial ingredient that creates a special flavor. This flavoring agent is extracted from various sources that can be also potentially allergenic (soy, wheat, or corn).

Cellulose gum. This thickener or binder is used to make laxatives, toothpaste, and paper. According to the studies, this additive may do a lot of harm to your health from affecting microbiota to causing inflammations. It might also contribute to the development of the metabolic syndrome and facilitate weight gain. Experts say that this particular ingredient is to blame for obesity and it is usually contained in processed foods.

Potato protein extract. Basically, this is an appetite killer. Although there are no concerns about its safety, its effectiveness is disputable. It hasn’t been officially proven that this ingredient promotes weight loss.

Sucralose. In comparison with sucrose, sucralose is a much sweeter sugar substitute. Since it’s considered to be potentially dangerous, it’s better to avoid this ingredient. Sucralose is claimed to reduce beneficial fecal microflora and increase the levels of P-gp that is released by the body in response to a toxin. If microflora is damaged, it can lead to the overall health problems.

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Acesulfame Potassium. This is another artificial sweetener. Although this ingredient is used because it is said to have no influence on the levels of blood sugar, when taken in high doses, it causes insulin secretion.

Price and quality

One serving has the energy value of 100 calories that is not enough for a meal replacement shake. The amount of protein is also not enough (11 grams). Moreover, most of the artificial ingredients are proved to be potentially hazardous for overall health.

The amount of artificial sweeteners contained in Ideal Shape creates a too sweet taste that most customers complain about.

Cheap ingredients reduce the price of Ideal Shape. Since you’ll need to use two servings daily, it will cost you $3.33 per day. Containers are sold for $49.99. Each container has 30 servings, so you’ll need 2 containers a month.

Does Ideal Shape Really Work?

Having analyzed the ingredients of this shake and read customers’ reviews, we can’t recommend you this product. Artificial components, potentially dangerous ingredients that may lead to obesity, and the supposed presence of lead in it make it unsafe for your health. Also, it tastes too sweet due to a high content of artificial sweeteners. If you do care about your health, you should look for something better.

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