I Loved Her Without Knowing What Was Actually In Her Heart…….

I Loved Her Without Knowing What Was Actually In Her Heart…….

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I Loved Her Without Knowing What Was Actually In Her Heart....... 1

I was on cloud nine when she accepted my proposal. I was wooing her since the past two years and made all the possible attempts to make her mine. There was a time when she hated me a lot. She considered me a guy who can never be in her good list and would never be a guy she would talk. The reason behind this was our opposite personality. I am kind of a bad guy who just loves to party and is hardly serious about studies and life. On the other hand, she is a very simple sweet and dedicated girl. One thing was proven in our case that miracles do happen.

The Broken Promise: Final Chapter

She changed her perspective about me the day I saved her from the seniors who were bullying her. Our college was horrible in case of ragging. I am sure there is nothing more to explain as it is very obvious that when two people communicate and a guy is portrayed as a hero the girl too starts liking him. She hugged me after accepting my proposal.

“Aditi, let’s tell everyone about our relationship. My friends will be so happy. They have always waited for the day we’ll be together. They even used to secretly call you ‘Bhabhi.'”

“No Viren, we will tell everyone but for now we must keep our relationship confidential. Please don’t tell even your bestest buddy about it right now.”

“But why dear?”

“If you trust me then please promise me this. I have my own reasons and will reveal them to you soon. Right now we must be hidden as a couple.”

“Okay, I trust you, my love.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” I replied.

Without questioning her further I decided to trust her, after all, I finally had her in my life and I didn’t want her to leave me under any circumstances. Trust is all that sustains a relationship. I might be a bad guy but I have always been loyal in relationships. Don’t be surprised if I’ll say that she is my second girlfriend. I loved my first girlfriend but she was too possessive to be handled.

Months passed by and our relationship was just going on okay. Yes, I used the word ‘okay’ as it wasn’t as expected. We were together but we cannot disclose it. We are supposed to act like strangers before our friends. Though this thing was pissing me off now I was scared to question her.

One day we all were gathered at my best friend’s birthday party. She was there too and she looked stunning that day but I just cannot be with her. After an hour we started playing truth and dare. As the bottle was rotating suddenly it pointed towards Aditi.


Maira asked, “So tell me what does Viren mean to you?”

I smiled when I heard the question and I thought that this time she might just reveal the truth and tell everyone about us. All my hopes shattered the moment she said that I was just a friend. My heart was boiling with rage and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I walked out of the room and I heard her calling out my name. I rushed into my car and before I could go she stepped in as well and shut the door.

“Why did you leave like this?”

“Really? You still have the guts to ask me why I left? Isn’t it obvious?”

“I told you to trust me.”

“I have been trusting you since the past few months. What else do you want? Why can’t we reveal ourselves? Why you’re doing this? I want all the answers now else I am breaking up right now.”

“Are you in your senses? You are breaking up for this little thing?”

“Yes because I want to be your boyfriend and we are not doing anything wrong.”

“So listen now and dare you to talk to me after I tell you everything. I just want to say…….”

I saw tears rolling down her eyes and I felt sorry for yelling at her. She must be having a reason and I thought I should give her time to tell everything all by herself. I kissed her eyelids and wiped her tears. I hugged her gently and requested her to calm down. An apology saved us and brought me back to my senses. I would have lost her forever that day.

Next day I decided to initiate something new and give her a surprise. So I went to her flat without informing her. Before I could walk up to the door of her flat I saw her getting out with a guy. I found something fishy and hid so that I can overhear their conversation without letting them know. I saw them kissing and after a long passionate kiss, the guy left. It was so ironical. I wanted to give her a surprise but she gave me a surprise instead. I wanted to weep and just yell at her there and then but it wouldn’t have served my purpose of revenge.

I quickly rushed downstairs and stopped that guy from leaving. I went to him and said, “Dude, you don’t know what that girl is up to. I caught her red-handed today.”


I narrated the whole incident to him and to my surprise I got to hear the same story from his end as well. Even he was in a secret relationship with her and she was ditching him too. She wasn’t simple. That moment all the love for her vanished and was replaced by anger. Rohan was about to go to her flat and torment her but I stopped him and discussed a plan that I had in my mind to expose her wickedness.

Next day as our classes got over, I requested all the students to stay back and said that I have to convey something important to all. I looked at Aditi. She appeared nervous and I actually wanted her to be nervous. I called her next to me and she walked slowly towards me.

“So friends, I wanted to tell you all that I am in a relationship with Aditi. We have been dating for the past 6 months.”

Aditi suddenly withdrew her hand in nervousness and started shouting at me, “How dare you hold my hand? You lier. Who gave you the right to call me your girlfriend. Forget relationship I would never talk to a guy like you.”

“So do you think I am interested in talking to you? Get out of your dream world and don’t give yourself too much of importance.”

I quickly called Rohan and according to the plan he also called all the so-called boyfriends of Aditi. all these years and it was time for us to show her real face to everyone.

Rohan said, “All those who think that Aditi is so innocent, it is false. She dates people for her own interests and is just interested in using them. She knows how to play the false trust game with men and we actually fall in her trap as we feel she is so innocent. One lesson we all must have learned today that never trust your partner too blindly.”

After that day, Aditi left the college due to the embarrassment and we all were thankful that we were saved from getting our hearts used by a girl who doesn’t deserve any love.

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