Hypertension – Tackling the Silent Killer


Did you know that millions across the globe are affected by high blood pressure or hypertension? Actually, you might not be even aware, that you have hypertension. Yes, it’s true, and the reason why hypertension does not show visible signs and symptoms initially and can go unnoticed for several years before you come to know that you have already fallen prey to this disease.

Often referred to as ‘The Silent Killer”, hypertension has earned this reputation, as many affected have absolutely no clue or symptoms of it perpetuating inside the body. It is so deadly that it has been awarded the status of being the second largest cause of death across the globe every year [1]. It has clear relation with strokes, congestive heart failures, and heart attacks.

Everyone around us is at risk of hypertension and to know about it and to be aware, let’s understand it in detail – causes, symptoms, effects, and measures, so that this silent killer can be managed and cured well.

Understanding Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure consists of two numbers – systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. The first one, systolic, represents the pressure in our arteries when the heart beats (contracts) and the second one, diastolic, represents the pressure between heartbeats, when the heart relaxes.

There are numerous factors that affect these pressures like salt, water contents in our body, the conditions of our blood vessels, hormone levels and even the condition of our nervous system, etc.

In simple and easy-to-understand terms – the level of blood pressure is determined by the quantum of blood our heart pumps and the quantum of resistance it experiences to flow freely in the arteries.

Unless you happen to get your blood pressure checked regularly, you will never actually know that you have normal or abnormal blood pressure. Someone who has reached an advanced stage of high blood pressure will experience certain symptoms like headaches of the dull type, dizziness, tinnitus, and bleeding from the nose (in extreme cases). It is a fact that for a large section of people who have been diagnosed with hypertension, their causes are unknown.

About 10% of people who have been diagnosed with blood pressure problems, attribute the occurrence to their health conditions (Secondary Hypertension) such as kidney diseases, congenital heart ailments, tumors of the adrenal gland, etc. Medicines like birth control pills, over the counter painkillers and common cold medicines, are also often held responsible for blood pressure issues [2].

The Probable Causes of Blood Pressure

Many of us quite often ask – What can cause high blood pressure? Perhaps the answer to it is that there is no single reason for it, there are many probabilities and each one acts differently in a different individual.

  • Poor Eating Habits: The food we eat plays a vital role in our overall health and also to maintain normal blood pressure. We tend to consume more calories than what our body can consume by burning it off. Processed foods and sugar is another bad habit that we enjoy but it causes damage to our bodies.
  • Body Weight: Excess body weight contributes to many health-related issues including blood pressure problems. The more you weigh, the more risk you generate of having high blood pressure. It also contributes to associated problems like heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and kidney ailments.
  • Age: The chances of getting blood pressure issues goes up as you age. It is also true that as we age we become more inactive and involve us in lesser physical activities. These add up to cause blood pressure issues.
  • Inactive or Sedentary Lifestyle: It has been found that people who are less active have higher heart rates than active individuals. High heart rates mean harder the heart has to work and higher is the pressure on the arteries. Smoking and high sodium intake add up to it, making it obvious to have blood pressure issues.

Effects of Blood Pressure of Human Health

The damages caused by blood pressure start small but turn big with time. The more time it takes to diagnose and take control, the more serious is the nature of the effects.

  • Effects on the nervous system: Reduced blood flow to our brain may cause problems with memory and other related problems like dementia and cognitive decline. It might get difficult to concentrate or remember things. It can initiate stroke, as the brain stops getting enough or no oxygen through the blood and the cells tends to slowly die. It can also damage the blood vessels of the eyes and can cause difficulty with vision, causing blurred sight or even blindness.
  • Effects on the circulatory system: The arteries and the blood vessels in our body is responsible of carrying blood to various parts of our body and organs, but when the pressure of the blood on them increases, it causes damage on the walls of the arteries. It starts with small damages in the form of tears and the bad cholesterol traveling with blood starts getting attached to these tears causing clogged or blocked arteries and making blood flow difficult. The heart has to work harder and blood cannot reach the organs causing damages and high chances of heart failure.
  • Effects on the respiratory system: Alike the arteries of the heart and the brain, the ones in the lungs also get damaged. These arteries when gets blocked causes serious health problem and you can even stop breathing. Sleep apnea is another condition of blood pressure effects on the respiratory system and it affects good sleep accompanied by snoring and sleep disorder.
  • Effects on the reproductive system: In simple terms, lower blood flow to our reproductive organs means lower libido, lower sex drive and non-functionality of our genitals.
  • Effects on the skeletal system: High blood pressure causes bone loss and thus osteoporosis. Weaker bones lead to easy cracks and fractures.

Managing Blood Pressure

However, it is true that the management of blood pressure is possible, and it has to be regularly monitored and the cause should be known, like causes related to poor eating habits, being overweight or smoking and drinking alcohol. For further actions and control of symptoms, drugs, and medication is needed.

Since it is referred to as a silent killer, it is advised that regular check-ups and monitoring is the best precautionary measure against blood pressure. And, for this, you need a device that can give you accurate readings and tell you, your score.

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Monitoring Blood Pressure with Omron

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At Omron, it is their goal to ensure that the blood pressure monitors that they manufacture are not only accurate but portable as well as easy to use. The best part with Omron digital BP monitors is that they are highly recommended by doctors for their accuracy.

Accuracy and consistency in readings are important steps in controlling and managing blood pressure. With Omron, you can be assured of getting accurate and reliable results. The BP monitor from Omron comes in four types – The Upper Arm, The Upper Arm with Bluetooth, Wrist BP Monitor and The Wrist with Bluetooth.

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The Upper Arm BP Monitor

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The Wrist BP Monitor

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Our heart is one of the most precious organs of our body, yet one-third of the population in India is suffering from the problems of hypertension [3]. Omron home blood pressure digital monitors are an excellent contraption to take control of the health of your heart and live a life free of the tension of blood pressure.

Managing blood pressure is not that difficult and complicated as the problems. Just some precautionary measures like a change in lifestyle and food habits and frequent monitoring of blood pressure can track the problems and warn you on time. Omron’s ‘Intellisense’ technology is committed to providing you with the best solution in monitoring blood pressure and live a life that is more harmonious, healthy and free from blood pressure ailments. Download Omron Connect app today and keep a track of your Blood Pressure readings and share with your doctor or loved once seamlessly

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