Humans consume 50K plastic every year

As per the latest study which raised questions on how plastics are impacting our lives, it was found out that humans consume tens of thousands of microplastic particles every year. Microplastics are the tiny particles or sheds broken through man-made materials like synthetic clothing, car waste, artificial plant waste, etc. and you will be surprised to know that these particles are seen on both deepest ocean and even on highest glaciers. Some have also pointed out that very soon these microfibers will even enter the human food chain too.

Humans consume 50K plastic every year
Humans consume 50K plastic every year

The study also pointed out that an adult male can ingest up to 52,000 microplastic each year. But right now a man is consuming about 1,21,000 particles every year. This is mostly because of the pollution and climatic changes around us.

If the same continues for some more years then this can pose significant damage to the human system and even to our nature.

Humans consume 50K plastic every year
Humans consume 50K plastic every year

One of the researchers added

Humans consume 50K plastic every year
Humans consume 50K plastic every year

“One of the two sources for particle concentrations in the air says that the observed fibers are too large to be inhaled, so the numbers of particles that actually reach our lungs will be much smaller than the numbers quoted,”

A scientist suggested

“The most effective way to reduce human consumption of microplastics will likely be to reduce the production and use of plastics,” 

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Humans consume 50K plastic every year 2
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Humans consume 50K plastic every year 3
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