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Hrithik Roshan’s Ultimate Diet and Fitness Plan

Hrithik Roshan Workout Fitness Regime

One of the fittest stars of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan is naturally bestowed with killer looks, exceptional dancing skills and a charming personality. However, for his physique, Hrithik has incessantly worked hard for years and this is the primary reason why he is honored with the title of ‘Greek God’ of Indian Cinema.  His fan following is not only limited to India, but it crosses all the geographical borders. His popularity is set to increase in the next few years as he has reportedly signed for a Hollywood venture.

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If you idolise the Superhero of Bollywood and wish to attain a physique like him, make sure you have unparalleled dedication and are ready to come out of your comfort zone despite your busy schedule and health concerns that you might face. Follow Hrithik Roshan’s ultimate diet and fitness plan that we have explained here:

Hrithik Roshan’s Workout Plan

Hrithik’s starts his day at gym with 20 minutes of cardio exercises and then move to daily exercise routine.  He makes sure not to give a miss to his gym despite his hectic routine and constantly changing locations due to film shoots. He is one of the most dedicated stars Indian cinema has seen. Find out what does our Krrish do in gym:

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Hrithik’s exercise routine on Monday

He focuses on chest, calves and back and does the following exercises:

Hrithik’s exercise routine on Tuesday

On Tuesday, he focuses on legs and follows this workout routine:

Hrithik’s exercise routine on Wednesday

Due to his hectic schedule, Hrithik likes to take a rest from exercising on Wednesday or combines the workout sessions of Monday and Tuesday.

Hrithik’s exercise routine on Thursday

Thursday is for focusing on shoulders, calves and abs.

Hrithik’s exercise routine on Friday

He focuses on arms and perform the following exercises:

Hrithik Roshan Exercise Tips

Hrithik Roshan’s Diet Plan

The ‘Bang Bang’ star believes that the secret to having a healthy diet lies in what one likes to eat (i.e., the type o0f food) and in how much amount. Hrithik’s daily diet plan was charted out along with his nutritionist. One thing was kept in mind that Hrithik is fond of eggs therefore, they have to be a major part of his diet. Here is the three-meal day plan for junior Roshan.

Hrithik’s first meal of the day normally includes:

Just like his breakfast, Hrithik’s lunch is equally filling keeping in mind his strenuous workout routine.  For his lunch, the ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ actor eats:


Hrithik ensures to take his dinner at least an hour-and-half before going to the bed. He generally repeats eggs for his dinner.

To keep in mind his need to maintain a perfect, muscular body, Hrithik ensures the following tips:

Hrithik’s trainer Kris Gethin says that to make him fit into the Krrish’s superhero costumes, Hrithik’s “meals were made up of egg whites, oatmeal, chicken, brown rice, fish, sweet potatoes, whey protein and Vitargo.”

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