How to reduce your appetite effectively and safely and whether you can do it

reduce apetite

The habit of gorging to the heap, not controlling the amount of food consumed, and not including calories, usually leads to a quick gain of extra pounds and even brings to the need to buy some ed pills. 

It is especially harmful to lean on goodies before bed. The problem, of how to reduce the appetite in the evening, is very acute in front of people who dream of getting rid of unhealthy weight.

What is the problem?

Incorrect food behavior, leading to a constant increase of the indicator on scales, is formed due to the inability to distinguish the present hunger from appetite.

For reference. Hunger is the signal of the body that it is time to replenish its energy reserves. Appetite is simply a person’s desire to eat for the sake of pleasure.

In the second case, the approach to nutrition at the root is incorrect. Binge eating is different from healthy hunger satisfaction by not giving energy, but taking it away, causing lethargy, drowsiness, reducing efficiency and brain activity. The body is forced to constantly be in the process of digesting food, and internal organs (especially the liver, kidneys) work in the regime of increased load.

The problem is that there is no control. Other factors also cause constant overeating, among which are:

  • stress, which a person begins to “eat up” regularly; he gradually enters into the taste, reacting to every new unpleasant situation with an unplanned food intake;
  • excess of free time and lack of interesting, important activities or hobbies that are compensated by such a pleasant and easy way of spending time as consuming your favorite dishes;
  • internal complexes of a psychological nature (like “I want to have Jason Statham’s body”, delivering great moral discomfort, often lead to the fact that the refrigerator becomes the best friend of a person.

Since you have decided to start a fight with a bad habit and learn to pacify the raging appetite to lose weight to the ideal weight and stay in it forever, it is important to determine what caused a constant desire to eat. 

Perhaps, for this, you will have to dig a lot in yourself, answer some not-very-pleasant questions, and make unexpected conclusions. But you will know the “enemy” in person.

What to do?

First of all, stop going on about the old destructive habit and learn to stop its influence on the root. A false feeling of hunger is easy to calculate in the following way.

  • As soon as obsessive thoughts about food began to undermine a determined attitude to abstain from gluttony, you do not have to torture yourself by cruising around the refrigerator. Take a small slice of fresh vegetables (carrots, bell pepper, cabbage, or cucumber) and eat it slowly.
  • Immediately take care of some business that requires concentration.

Thus, you can “deceive” the subconscious or switch attention to something that is inedible. If the appetite was caused by a habitual desire to pamper yourself, then a deceptive feeling of hunger will recede. In almost all cases, this technique works flawlessly. By doing so, you will start the formation of a new habit to eat useful and easy snacks.

Now about how you can reduce your appetite at home. There are several ways to apply.

Split meals

A time-tested and practiced method proved itself as an excellent solution to the problem of excess weight. Reducing the appetite in this way is not only safe but also useful. You are less likely to want to eat.

The number of meals a day is a very important factor in proper nutrition. Unfortunately, today people’s lives run in such a frenzied rhythm that often you can not find the time even for the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The situation, when during the working day you do not even have time to eat – alas, is not uncommon. After coming home in the evening, a person is ready to eat everything that is in the refrigerator. Particularly in such cases, semi-finished products are in demand, which is quickly prepared, but you can not name such food as useful.

Falling asleep with a full stomach, in the morning, you do not even want to get up on the scales: the increase in weight is guaranteed. So that an acute sense of hunger does not catch up at night, it is important to saturate the body with healthy food throughout the day. Bring a few plastic containers of food with you to work and make quick snacks. 

For example, you can choose healthy, nutritious, and appetizing products:

  • salad of fresh vegetables with vegetable oil,
  • nuts and dried fruits,
  • sandwiches with whole grain bread,
  • fresh fruits,
  • cheese tofu,
  • bran.

Brew in a thermos invigorating and vitamin herbal tea, sweetened with natural honey. After eating all of this during the day, in the evening you will no longer want to empty the fridge but will use a bowl of light soup or baked vegetables. You will see how much better your dream will be, and how pleasant it will be to wake up in the morning.

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With split meals, it is necessary to adhere to one principle: eat at least five to six times a day in small portions.

Liquid food

Low-fat vegetable soups are food that perfectly satisfies hunger. It is well absorbed, does not load the body with extra work, and feeds it with useful substances and vitamins. Vegetable broth contains a minimum of calories, but quickly fills the stomach, after which the brain receives a signal that satiety has come. Hunger recedes. Do not forget about homemade vegetable juices. A glass of tomato drink with herbs is a full-fledged snack.

Refusal of products that increase appetite

To become slim, it is better to exclude diet products that significantly increase appetite. Among them are the following:

  • Sugar. Sweet food is not only super-caloric in itself, but also very insidious, as it does not satisfy hunger for real, on the contrary – it stimulates appetite. To lose weight, it is better to give up any sweets, except for natural honey in minimum quantities and fresh or dried fruit.
  • Salt. The strongest flavor enhancer so fires up an appetite that a person is able to eat twice as much food.
  • Hot spices. It has long been known that seasonings are exciting. If you are faced with the task of significantly reducing weight, then better stop spicing food with a bright and sharp taste.
  • Fast food, snacks, sweet soda. This is not food, but food garbage. This is an empty calorie, rushing straight to your sides and thighs, and satiety after such a snap comes very briefly. Appetite does not decrease, so you always want to eat. It’s all about the glutamate of sodium that is found in these foods. The substance enhances their taste and is addictive. How to reduce the appetite, being dependent on the most harmful food?
  • Fast carbohydrates. Baking from white flour, confectionery, pasta from soft flour – all these are unhealthy carbohydrates, which not only do not saturate, but they also prompt you to eat again. In addition, such food causes lethargy, drowsiness, and apathy.
  • Alcohol increases appetite so much that the amount of food consumed increases many times, not to mention that it is a poison in its pure form.

Maintaining water balance in the body

Nutritionists are already tired of reiterating the benefits of drinking clean water. Nevertheless, people still drink teas, brew strong coffee and buy sweet soda, in which the amount of sugar is just off the scale. Drink water before meals, and you will consume a much smaller portion. Drink it in the intervals between meals, and you will forget about the acute attacks of hunger.

Often people simply do not “hear” their bodies when they lack basic moisture and take a thirst for hunger. A bottle of water should always be in the workplace or in the bag. Drink at least two liters a day, and you will feel, how your appetite decreases, tone, and the mood rises. As a bonus – improves complexion and fresh appearance.

Physical exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is a real scourge of modern people. In particular, office workers are affected by the lack of movement. And the problem is very serious:

  • because of the monotonous activity, working capacity decreases, mood deteriorates, and stress accumulates, which you want to eat up with your favorite food;
  • there is a lack of “happiness hormones” in the body, which are produced during sports and other physical activities; the deficiency is compensated by eating sweets and high-carb foods.

Start the habit of moving as much as possible. If the sport for some reason is not your thing, replace it at least with walking tours, use public transport less often and do not drive if you can walk. Ideally, however, you should find an opportunity to visit the pool or go cycling, skating, dancing or do yoga.

Try to spend more time outside the city, spend maximum time in the fresh air. Changing the situation perfectly removes fatigue, and raises mood and efficiency. Even a short walk is a proven means of reducing appetite.


Everyone who is struggling with extra pounds should know how to calm down their appetite with folk remedies. Firstly, before dinner, you should drink a cup of chamomile tea. This well-known soothing agent will perfectly relieve the stress accumulated during the day. As a result, satiety will come much faster.

The popular method of combating appetite is the preparation of decoctions from such plants as:

  • celery (leaves),
  • parsley,
  • nettle,
  • sage,
  • milk thistle.

Linseed oil is also well-proven. To reduce the appetite, it is enough to take one tablespoon half an hour before eating. This product is a real storehouse of vitamins and will bring you all the best.

The recommendations are simple and do not require anything other than a determined mindset for a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about self-control and the ability to organize yourself.

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