How to Protect Your Bong or Pipe from Breakage


    If you’re a frequent bong user, chances are you’ve broken a few. This could be due to genuine slip-ups or maybe when traveling with your beloved piece. The causes are many, but so are the ways to avoid breakages.

    Breaking such a beloved piece can cause emotional trauma, especially if you had an attachment to the bong, the pipe – whatever the item.

    In this article, we’ll go through the various ways you can save your pocket from unexpected dents with simple, but mindful tips:

    • Don’t Buy Glass

    This is obvious, isn’t it? The easiest way to avoid breaking your prized glass piece is by not buying a glass piece. Instead, buy primitive pipes, coconut bubblers or silicone bongs.

    However, silicone ranks among the top materials used bong manufacture. Furthermore, some pieces come with suction cups located at the bottom which secures it on the surface. If you still fancy glass, you’ll be glad to learn of silicone pieces which incorporate glass.

    • Consider the Type of Glass You Want to Buy

    The type of glass includes the material used to make the glass. Sometimes, breakage doesn’t occur as a result of dropping the piece. It could be due to a foreign object used in cleaning the piece and there goes your prized possession.

    Mass-market or overseas production glass come are often prone to breakage through such means. This is different from American-made borosilicate glass. The former glass is made of soda-lime glass which is also the same material used in making bottles and windows.

    Borosilicate glass, on the other hand, is used to make cookware such as ovens, thus less brittle and can withstand physical and heat stress.

    • Clean with Care

    It doesn’t matter whether you buy your glass from or any other store. In addition, the type of glass doesn’t matter as well. The bottom line remains how you clean and maintain the piece. While cleaning, make sure you take extra caution not to use sharp tools.

    If you do so, you’ll end up breaking the bong or pipe. One of the safest ways to clean your pieces is by using salt and alcohol. However, if you insist on using sharp objects to remove the residue, consider attaching a reclaim catcher on its end.

    • Drain the Water Pipe Before Storage

    The glass is delicate a slight temperature fluctuation may cause cracks due to expansion and contraction of any liquid left in the glass.

    Therefore, it’s important to . Also, ensure you have adequate storage so they don’t get knocked over by a pet or anyone else when trying to reach for something else in the same location.

    • Transport Your Bong in Style

    Not once, not twice but several times where a smoking piece ended up broken while on transit. This goes out to all who insist on bringing their own pieces and glass ones to be specific.

    You can buy a destroyer case to carry your smoking piece. The case comes with multiple moldable Styrofoam layers which can carry mid-sized glasses.

    That’s it. How to protect your smoking piece from breakage either while cleaning or transporting. With these tips, you don’t have to lose your expensive piece ever again.