How to Buy Medicines Online in India?

buy medicines online India

With the advent of the internet, our lives have taken a turn for the better. The internet has no doubt made all our tasks extremely easy to perform. Be it getting any information or shopping for clothes and utilities, everything is just a click away! Seeing this advantage of online purchases, a number of companies have sprung up to serve the needs of the people. However, the most beneficial of all these online shops is the concept of online pharmacies that make it possible for people to buy medicines and prescription drugs through online platforms.

Although the concept of online pharmacies is relatively new in India, yet there are a number of start-ups that have taken up the beacon to make the online medicine [1] business grow. The Indian government has quite recently acknowledged the advantages that online pharmacies offer and have agreed to pay heed to their key demands. Hence, there is a rapid expansion in this sector with a number of online medicine India [2] start-ups establishing a business in India.

Here are a few Indian online pharmacies that have changed the way Indians buys medicines:


Started by the Chennai based Dadha Pharmaceuticals, NetMeds is an online portal where customers can buy medicines online. The company promises to deliver online medicine orders within 24 hours. The best part about NetMed’s operations is that it offers great discounts for branded drugs by offering customers with the option to choose from generic alternatives for the medicines they have ordered. This ensures that people get medicines at around 30-40% cheaper rates than brick and mortar stores. The company delivers medicines in approximately 12000 pin codes and is looking expanding their business to smaller towns and cities.


With the purpose of providing patients with a better quality of life, the Pillbills online pharmacy and care management services were designed to care for individuals suffering from chronic diseases by helping them with the required specialty medications online. This online pharmacy offers advanced prescription services and even caters to the demands of complex drug therapies by delivering them to the patients. Their services aim at providing increased access to all sorts of special prescription drugs and also helps customers to manage cost and make sure that their patrons receive the required personalized care at affordable costs.

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Pharmeasy is one of the largest healthcare apps in India that offers online medicine buying services that can be conveniently delivered to customer’s doorsteps. At PharmEasy people can also book health test packages and get their tests done within the comfort of their homes. This company runs businesses in major cities of India and prides itself on the fact that it can deliver products within 24 to 48 hours, thus helping people in cases of emergency. People can also set up monthly refills to receive their medicines at regular intervals.


Portea is one of the fastest growing providers of health-care at home. The company offers various at-home medical services apart from having an online pharmacy that functions to cater to the needs of its customers. Operating in some of the major cities of the country the company aims at providing quality care to people and serving them by saving the time required to visit a physical store. The whole process of ordering medicines is simplified by this company. The company also offers immense discounts on online medicine order.

The fast delivery options and ease of ordering medicines from the comfort of homes have made these online pharmacies quite popular among Indians in recent times. The affordable prices at which the medicines can be bought is another advantage that has made people prefer online medicine services more than the regular stores.

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