How Lumbar Spine X-Rays May Be Used To Decrease Costs For Those With Spinal Injuries or Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Pain

As per the leading US company in Injury diagnosis, Spinal Kinetics, the cost of treatment for those with lower back pain has risen to over $85 billion.

The growth for spending is on a steady rise and now accounts for approximately 17% of the U.S. economy – higher than any other nation in the world.

Americans like you and I are spending more money than ever on healthcare. What are we getting for all that money? Are we getting better?

Where We Can Make A Difference

Focusing efforts at the top is where we start. With costs approaching $100 billion, neck and back pain leads the way in costs – growing 5.3% between 2013 and 2014.

In recent interview on Influencive Magazine, Dr. Jeffrey Cronk, COO of Spinal Kinetics said, “If the healthcare treatment is low quality due to inaccurate diagnosis and care the length of recovery will defeat the lower costs [of healthcare].”

It so happens that we can make a difference at the top. If by our efforts, we find solutions to these issues and better ways to measure, diagnose and treat the problem, we can eventually reverse the spending and help those affected by chronic pain find lasting relief.

To get there all methods with workable technology need to be explored and when it comes to back injuries or chronic pain, lumbar spine x-rays need to enter the conversation. Lumbar spine x-rays allow the precise measurement of the movement of ligaments and using a new technology called CRMA, can be used to determine the precise, abnormal intersegmental motion problems that can lead to chronic pain.

How to Approach The Subject of Chronic Pain

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Approaching this problem from the top down can highlight some of the major and nationwide benefits.

By way of example, curbing the spending, or decreasing spending, we could allocate billions more to schools, public roads, and infrastructure.

How We Get More Effective

Education is not the same as it was 20 years ago. The days of formal education through higher learning have long ceased to be the only route to knowledge. Today we have the internet, we have access to vast amounts of information and we have more opportunities to learn more about culture, technology and so much more.

With this access, new technologies and techniques in healthcare have emerged. We’ve seen a surge in supplementation and natural treatments. We have seen the rise of the

But are we more effective now? Have we beaten any diseases? Have we cured anything? Is the money only in the treatment and not the cure?

When it comes to back injuries and chronic pain, we need to use what we know works. And any advancement in technology needs to be explored until we reach a point where we can help the majority of those suffering from daily pain.

Lumbar spine x-rays may lead to that solution. In the hands of experts, we may be able to locate the exact location and cause of the damage to spinal ligaments. With the knowledge of the cause, we can develop techniques and regiments to reverse the problems, heal the damage and eventually rid our people of this crippling problem.

No one should have to live with chronic pain, let’s do something about it.

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