How living a Healthy Lifestyle Can Save You Money

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Living a healthy lifestyle is not only good for you but good for your pocketbook. Not to mention how good you will feel when you eat healthy on a consistent basis. In this day and age with the convenience of fast food on every corner, it’s hard to stay disciplined and healthy. Those that do so are far better off and live longer. Below are the ways that living a healthy lifestyle can actually save you money.

Active Outings

Going out this weekend with friends? Most people might end up going to an amusement park, a restaurant, or the movies. These all cost money. When active healthy people go out for the weekend they usually pick hiking, rollerblading, camping or the beach for the day. All these activities are virtually free or inexpensive. So the next time you go on a date, make it a hike in the woods.

Eating Less Meat

With just about any meal the most expensive part is the meat. Vegetarians and vegans often get away with eating healthier and cheaper than most people. Meat isn’t the only overpriced item when eating out but it’s usually the higher one. Simply adding cheese to a burger or ordering an appetizer can bring that bill up in price. Plus, the calories from those items can add up too.

Insurance Policies

When you live a healthy lifestyle even your insurance can be cheaper. Just try and get a life insurance policy on your own. The insurance company will send a nurse out to take your weight, height, and blood work.

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If you are overweight you can expect to pay much more for the insurance policy compared to someone with a normal weight. Tip; if you are overweight you may want to consider a burial insurance policy. It will cover the fees to have yourself buried and are considerably cheaper.

Drinking Water

Some people that live a healthy lifestyle stay away from sodas, beer, and similar drinks. Sodas especially are packed full of sugar and are one of the worst things you can put into your body. Sodas are also one of the leading costs of weight gain. By choosing to drink water instead you are giving your body a better chance of being healthy.

Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarettes cost a lot of money these days. It seems every year there is yet another tax added that increases the cost of a pack. Not to mention that your health risks skyrocket and many people end up getting lung cancer. In California, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is nearly $8 a pack. If you smoke 3-4 packs a week you are throwing over $120 a week away.

As you can see living that healthy lifestyle is not only good for your body but good for your wallet. Not only will you live longer but you will have more money in the long run. For more tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle see our article here.

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