How equality helps men experiencing hair loss

Can Wearing a hat caused balding?

Can Wearing a hat caused balding?

In your father’s day, hair loss was something men experienced but rarely spoke about in a serious way. While women could discuss their aging fears and experiences freely among themselves, and even with strangers, men were expected to simply get on with it.

This has led to a belief that men don’t experience the same worries, fears and even anxiety that women experience when it comes to aspects of the aging process. As the world continues to change, and equality between men and women becomes ever more important, the sadness and loss felt by men losing their hair has finally become acceptable to discuss and is no longer a taboo subject.

Sadly, men that did try to seek help for their hair loss in the past were ridiculed. For every man that attempted to treat his hair loss, many more wouldn’t even discuss it with their doctor, for fear of seeming unmanly or silly. A woman with thinning hair could walk into work with a completely different hairstyle and color, and all manner of wigs and weaves on and feel good about herself, while a man that did the same would be the butt of everyone’s jokes that day.

Thankfully, the world has changed enough that men are now able to discuss their hair loss and solutions more freely. Technology has changed too, and wigs, hairpieces, and toupees have evolved to become almost undetectable. The world of entertainment and sport were among the first to explore hair loss solutions for men, and this too has led to an acceptance of wig-wearing men and hair transplant patients. A high-quality hair transplant at is now a sign of success in some industries, with CEOs and even billionaire inventors such as Elon Musk undergoing the procedure.

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One of the most important aspects of the march for equality for men is the recognition that men do have strong emotions and feelings, and that simply ignoring them can be dangerous for the happiness, health, and well-being of all men and boys. Men can get depressed, be anxious, feel down or blue, or have fears and worries, no matter how successful or masculine they may be.

It’s more acceptable than ever for a man to seek help for mental health issues, or for cosmetic issues that are preventing them from living life to the fullest. The “midlife crisis”, once laughed at and deemed hanging on to lost youth, is now “living your best life”, and applauded for its life-affirming joy.

Men that don’t want to conform to the very narrow, rigid way of doing things, that your father or grandfather might have been scared to step outside of, are now freer than they’ve ever been.

This doesn’t mean that men are free from judgment, but that judgment is now seen to come from people that are too scared to reach out and grab life by the tail themselves. This is one way that the march for equality for everybody helps men as well as women.

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