How Can You Help A Drug Addict in America?

Drug Rehab Center

Once used as an ingredient in America’s favorite soda pop, cocaine gives a user a burst of euphoria and mental alertness. Unfortunately, those effects often only last a few minutes. Hence, it is highly addictive.

Cocaine can cause tremors, vertigo, and muscle twitches. The more severe effects of the drug are heart attacks, seizures, and coma [source]. If you know someone who is addicted to cocaine, it is imperative that they get help and there are a few things you can do to assist in their recovery.

As with any addict, a person with a cocaine dependency may not think that they have a problem.

Pinpointing the Problem

Cocaine may interfere with a person’s thought process and they often do not understand that their behavior has changed due to their cocaine use. Initially, a person may think that cocaine is helping them work faster or study harder. However, cocaine is an illegal drug and an addict will often spend a great deal of time and money in an effort to obtain it.

A person who is addicted to any drug will often shirk family and social responsibilities. If you have noticed weight loss or interruption in sleeping patterns in loved one’s behavior, it may be time to intervene.

Before you approach someone with a coke addiction, it is a good idea to educate yourself about the drug. You should let the person know that you will not do anything to enable their addiction. Do not lend them money or cover for them at work or school.

Staging an Intervention

It is very important to have professional help if you want to hold an intervention. An intervention involves family and friends of the addict confronting them about their addiction and the effect that it has on each individual person. Although it is always preferable that a person decides to go to a rehab facility on their own, studies have shown that treatment helps no matter if it is voluntary, court-ordered or strongly encouraged by family members.

Finding a Treatment Facility

If you are in the Miami area and you are looking for a treatment center, the staff should be of primary concern. A good facility will be staffed with psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and psychotherapists.

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A treatment facility should offer someone to assist you with intervention. They should provide transportation to the facility and allow a certain amount of time for a person to detox.

There are currently no drugs used in the treatment of cocaine addiction. An intake specialist may discuss the possibility of drug trials with you. Treatment should involve both group and one on one therapy.

Some treatment centers offer behavioral therapy which incentivizes participants for good behavior with small rewards.

Be sure to ask the intake specialist to walk you through the therapeutic process. They should offer an aftercare program that involves regular check-ups and a 12-step program.

Privacy is a very important element to anyone going into treatment. Be sure to ask about the security of the facility. If the patient is a well-known person, make sure to find a treatment center that will shield them from the press and other inquisitive parties. High walls around the outdoor areas and one-way windows are essential to making patients feel secure.

The addiction professionals at offer a private and secure facility where your loved one will receive the very best care. Cocaine addiction has been a problem for a long time. Addiction can be overcome with the right treatment.

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