How are Probiotic useful for both humans and dogs?

How are Probiotic useful for both humans and dogs?

Every living organism has good and bad bacteria in its body. Probiotic is a type of good bacteria that is present in the stomach of all mammals. These bacteria keep the intestinal tract free from infection and also keep the digestive system strong and healthy. Probiotics also help in managing the growth of other intestinal pathogens.

Probiotic is good for both humans and animals. If you have a pet dog at your home, you must have noticed that they tend to eat a lot of things; sometimes food and sometimes not. Due to this, they face a lot of issues related to digestion. Feeding your dog Probiotic food or supplements is one way you can help them fight their stomach related issues. Though the bacteria in the stomach are specific to different species, yet human Probiotic food and some supplements can be useful for dogs too. However, if the condition is too severe for the dog, you need to consult a vet.

Some of the Probiotic healthy foods are Yogurt, Kefir (Probiotic milk), Sauerkraut (cabbage, shredded and fermented with lactic acid bacteria), Kimchi (fermented Korean spicy dish), Kombucha (fermented black or green tea drink), Gherkins, Homemade Buttermilk, Fermented Soybean and certain types of cheese.

Let us understand how probiotics are useful for humans and dogs:

1.       Healthy Digestive System

Food containing healthy bacteria and Probiotic supplements can eradicate issues related to the digestive system. An unhealthy digestive system can lead to various other health issues. Sometimes the complications become far more severe. To have a healthy life, a healthy digestive system is very crucial. Thus, with Probiotic food or supplements, you can keep your tracts healthy.

Similarly, your dog may not know what it is eating, and it may not be possible for you to keep a check every second. Therefore, giving them Probiotic supplements will help in keeping their digestive tracts healthy and strong.

2.       Boost the Healthy Bacteria

With regular intake of Probiotic, you can make the good bacteria in your gut healthier. The bacteria in your gut may get weak due to various reasons such as age, diet, environment, mental health and medicines like antacids, steroids and birth controls. This results in low immunity and easy proneness to other physical ailments. With Probiotic, you can manage a healthy balance of bacteria inside your gut and keep yourself free from a lot of diseases.

With Probiotic, you can also enhance the overall immunity of your dog. If you have an active mutt, Probiotic will them in staying healthy and happy.

3.       Mood Enhancer

A healthy gut leads to a healthy mood. Here, the phrase “gut feeling” cannot be ruled out. The good bacteria inside you hold the potential to produce different chemicals in the nervous system. These chemicals regulate and enhance the mood. Research states that ‘serotonin’, the happiness chemical in the brain, is produced by healthy gut bacteria. Therefore, with Probiotic, you can restore the good bacteria and boost your mood.

Probiotic also acts in a similar way for dogs. You will notice that with regular Probiotic diet, your dog will always be active and playful.

Probiotic are also maintains a healthy body weight, reduces stomach inflammation, reduces fatigue, keeps the blood sugar level at a check, improves skin and more. If you are planning to strengthen your gut, you need to add Probiotic to your diet plan. You will also come across a wide array of Probiotic supplements from any drug store. However, consulting a physician is always advisable.