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Learn more about the benefits of CT scan:

Computed tomography (CT) scans, or CAT scans, have saved countless patients through aiding in the discovery and diagnosis of some of the most fatal diseases known to mankind. A CT scanner is a powerful machine that can utilize radiation waves to create 3D images of particular organs of the human body.

Is a CT scan worth it?

Doctors order CT scans to conduct a thorough analysis of the internal structures of their patients’ bodies. Instances that warrant this request include traumatic injuries such as blood clots or fractures to the skull as well as tumors. CT scans can also guide doctors in visualizing internal organs like the kidneys, ovaries, spleen, and liver.


Here are some widely known benefits of a CT scan, particularly when it comes to treatment management:

  • It can determine whether surgery is necessary, especially invasive exploratory surgery.
  • It can dramatically lessen the length of a patient’s hospital stay.
  • It can provide more spot-on information to doctors for treatments and medications for typical conditions like strokes, injuries, and cardiac diseases.
  • It can help doctors assign patients to more appropriate areas of hospital care, such as intensive care units.



Among the countless benefits of a CT scan, this technology has become a staple in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Through this imaging technique, doctors can better determine the patient’s cancer stage, including the right area to perform a biopsy. Subsequently, a more accurate assessment offers more effective and efficient treatment options like radiation therapy. CT scans can also guide doctors in predicting the chances of a cancer patient’s recovery and help them better evaluate their treatments during follow-up checkups.


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As for emergency room situations, the benefits of a CT scan include the quick and precise assessment of a patient’s condition. For example, CT scan results can easily determine whether doctors need to tend to internal bleeding. They also show the professionals exactly where to perform the operation. This technology has transformed into an integral solution in emergency situations, and has now deemed a necessity in many cities across the globe.

Why should I get a CT scan?

Many people question the need for a CT scan when X-rays are available as well. However, X-ray machines can only provide one-dimensional visuals as these use single beams. These images are useful in diagnosing inflammations or fractures within a patient’s body. However, simple X-rays cannot offer a complete view of the internal organs and tissues within those parts of the body.



Because the condition of these organs or tissues tends to be crucial in accurately diagnosing the situation, three-dimensional image provides the doctors with tremendous guidance. Instead of performing surgery on a patient to check the organs that can’t be seen on X-rays, CT scan images can easily provide a full view instead of performing the invasive exploratory surgery.

Final thoughts

Among the myriad of internal imaging techniques known to doctors, the CT scan has consistently offered the most comprehensive and accurate results. The sheer number of benefits of a CT scan, particularly in life-or-death situations in the ER or cancer treatments, has made this technology an indispensable part of the medical industry.

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