List of HomoSexual Indian Celebrities (Gay & Lesbian)

List of HomoSexual Indian Celebrities (Gay & Lesbian)

India is a land of hush hush. And doesn’t matter how much we progress we will always be dealing with closed doors. Here is a very popular phenomenon that if you don’t go by society then do it in hiding. So, when a girl doesn’t love a boy, then it becomes a criminal offense.

Thanks to article 377 it is no more a criminal offense but of course wrong in the wide eyes of society. And thus let’s give a standing ovation to all these celebs who In spite of all these issues came out in the open and said yes and accepted their identity.

We already have listed many Bollywood gay and lesbian celebrities, few are repeated in the following list. The previous list specifically focused on Bollywood only whereas this list covered a variety of celebrities from various fields.

Let’s have a look at these famous celebrities who are homosexual and bisexual –

1.Sushant Divgikar

Sushant Divgikar Gay Celebrity India
Sushant Divgikar posing shirtless with Mr. Gay winner title

The man was on Bigg Boss and thus his sexual orientation was very much visible there. He also participated in Mr. Gay India 2014 but unfortunately couldn’t win the title. Two documentaries have been made which has been screened at various forums and all speak about his life only.

2. Bobby Darling

Bobby Darling Gay Celebrity India
Bobby Darling poses with spouse

Bobby Darling aka Pakhi Sharma was one of the few celebs who came out in the open about her sexuality long back. She also married her longtime boyfriend Ramneek Sharma. She has also been featured in Limca book of records for doing 18 roles as a gay man.

3. Wendell Rodricks

Wendell Rodricks Gay Celebrity India
Wendell Rodricks standing in Yacht

Padma Shri fashion designer has always openly admitted that he is gay. He has been married to Jerome Marrell and he enjoys his life as being one of the most influential fashion designers all over the world.

4. Rituparno Ghosh

Rituparna Ghosh Lesbian Celebrity India
Rituparna Ghosh relaxing and smiling pose

The ace director died 2 years back of heart attack. The lady came out in the open and discussed her sexual orientation and underwent a massive transformation too. She has always said that this was the reason why she was hidden in the closet and why her life revolved around her parents only.

5. Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth Gay Celebrity India
Vikram Seth (not a criminal) poses on India Today Magazine cover

Another Padma Shri writer is a proud gay. He has been venting out his anger over the society’s mentality through his poem and literary thoughts.

6. Onir

Onir Gay Celebrity India

Bollywood director who has also time and again opened up about his sexuality. He has been part of some of the iconic movies like “My Brother Nikhil”.

7. Dutee Chand

Dutee Chand Lesbian Celebrity India
Dutee Chand sitting on a stage

India’s fastest lady is now facing family wrath because of being in a same-sex relationship. She has come out in the open and admitted that she is interested in girls.

8. Ashok Row Kavi

Ashok Row Kavi Gay Celebrity India

One of the leading Indian journalist and a known face as an LGBT rights activist. The man dealt through troubled childhood because of his homosexuality and thus he enrolled himself as a Hindu monk in Ramakrishna Mission and studied theology.

9. Vasu Primlani

Stand up comedian and an open lesbian has been known to deal with difficult issues like rape, human rights, and environment. He widely appreciated article 377 but said how to deal with a social stigma.

10. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh Bisexual Celebrity India

Digital star and actor announced sometimes back that she is homosexual and she received wide appreciation. She announced about her sexual orientation three months later than she took a break from YouTube.

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