Holistic Ways To Battle A Hangover

hangover battle

Over the past couple of decades, Indians have increased their consumption of alcohol by whopping 55%. Since more people are indulging in wine, whiskey, gin, and other top-selling Indian libations, it’s important to understand that these drinks may cause hangovers. While lots of people indulge in moderation, there will be times when men and women who’ve overdone it wake up with headaches or nausea. Luckily, there are some holistic ways to battle a hangover. 

Eat a piece of fresh ginger

Holistic hangover treatments are natural and fresh and some of them are very affordable, too, such as eating a piece of ginger. According to a number of medical specialists, fresh ginger is the best natural hangover cure as it contains gingerol, which is an effective chemical compound used to treat nausea. Furthermore, scientific study published in the Integrative Medicine Insights journal showed that ginger, which is a perennial herb, can also help with vomiting.

Hydrate with pure water

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Overindulgence in alcoholic beverages may cause symptoms of dehydration which lead to a pounding headache. When a hangover strikes, battle it by drinking plenty of pure water. Having two or three glasses of water when you wake up will be wise, as long as you don’t suffer from intense nausea that makes it hard to consume that much fluid. To avoid hangover headaches in the future, start drinking one glass of water for every alcoholic drink that you consume. When you alternate between an alcoholic beverage and pure water, you’ll lower to risk of a hangover. 

Go back to bed

Hangovers sometimes contribute to poor sleep quality, so go back to bed if you wake up feeling awful. You may have had a rough night’s sleep without even being aware of it. Sleeping it off is definitely one of the smartest ways to take the edge off the worst hangover symptoms. If you can’t go back to sleep, try to take it easy while you move through your daily activities, and be sure to eat breakfast. A nutritionist who talked to Cosmopolitan magazine recommended oatmeal with berries as a hangover breakfast.

Treating a hangover in holistic ways that are good for your whole body won’t be difficult. When you eat ginger, boost pure water intake and take it easy in general, you’ll feel much better. To keep future hangovers at bay, hydrate while you drink alcohol or cut your alcohol consumption down to just one or two drinks. 

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