10 Painfully Hilarious Periods Videos Created By Indian Youtubers


    It is always difficult for any woman to bear with her period. There are plenty of funny things to be said about such periods though. This look at some of the funniest videos about periods created by Indian Youtubers show just how outlandish and crazy these issues can be.

    1. If Guys Had Periods

    Men clearly have it easy when it comes to life. They don’t have to worry about the stresses and pains that come with having periods. But this video asks just what would happen if they did.


    2. Problems of a Girl on Her Period

    Every woman has her own issues and hassles to do with as she is on her period. This video shows that it is often challenging for her to even get by in life and be nice to others while on her period. This is a very amusing video for how outlandish and quirky it can be.

    3. Things You Get to Hear When You’re On Your Period

    There are many interesting things women hear from others as they are on their periods. These include some amusing points that show just how crazy this time in one’s life can really be.


    4. 14 Period Hacks Every Girl Must Know

    This video features a number of appealing points that every woman should think about when she is on her period. These range from the useful to the outright impractical but they are all fascinating points that deserve to be explored.

    5. Normal Day Versus Periods

    There is a huge difference between what women often feel in a typical day versus what they feel during their periods. This video illustrates the crazy stuff that can happen during such an event as this.

    5. Girls About Period Facts

    There are many interesting things to see about periods that should be explored. These points are highlighted in this video in a very amusing and intriguing manner that any woman should take a closer look at.

    6. Girliyapa’s The Period Song

    This group made an entire novelty song all about what happens during one’s period. It is a funny and yet honest look at how such an event as this can develop.

    7.  Every Girl on Periods

    As this video shows, every girl who has a period has to bear with something crazy to the point where she can’t even keep a hold of herself. This video illustrates the craziness that comes with being on a period.

    8. If Boys Got Their Period

    This next video is another one about what would happen to men if they had periods. This video shows that men are often angry and tough as they are but it would be even worse if they had periods.

    9. Girls Periods in Public

    Women are seen here pulling off a silly prank where they are trying to ask people on the street about pads. This highlights just how uncomfortable and tough such a situation can be. But it does definitely show how outlandish and crazy things can be as a woman is trying to bear with her period and keep it from being too much of a hassle.

    10. Girls on Their Periods

    This last video simply shows what happens with women as they are on their periods. Men could learn quite a bit from it.