HGH or Steroids: What You Can Buy Legally for Bodybuilding?

steroids buy legally

There are a lot of products you can buy to HGH and steroids, but for some products, the government took control of buying or distribution because of its side effects. There are what they called HGH, AS, BCAA or Testosterone booster that you can buy over the counter. But a great source of steroid FOOD.

  • Human growth hormones or what they called HGH is used to add muscle mass. Most of the users are athletes and persons with a growth deficiency.
  • Branched-chain amino acid or BCAA are set of amino acid that should be taken to nourish the muscle and body. Our body cannot produce an amino acid unless you take it orally.
  • Anabolic steroid or AS is a synthetic supplement that increases testosterone. There are also different side effects of AS and it can be used to prevent acne.
  • A testosterone booster is the most popular scam of all. Because it doesn’t boost or increase your testosterone but it just feeds your muscle. Which means that it doesn’t help to increase muscle mass.

But there are a lot of other chemicals that are needed for you to have a fuller muscle or defined muscle cuts. In every cycle of steroids, you should include another kind of steroid that would lessen your fat to avoid damaging your kidney and liver.

There is another way of having a bulkier muscle aside from taking medicines or steroids, you can eat a lot of food that would let you increase your muscle mass and there are also protein shakes or powder that you can buy over the counter without any prescription and without limits.

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There are different ways to avail steroids legally. You can go to your doctor and test your hormone so that you will consume the right amount. Remember that everything that is beyond your needs will be bad for you. You should intake just the right amount that your body can take. You can also go to the country who has lesser laws or regulation about steroids.

Be careful and responsible enough for the outcome of your actions. What you will do is a big leap from your normal life. What you will do might be a big step for you.

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