Healthy New Year resolution for 2016, you must take now

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

New Year Resolution for 2016

Resolution is the best way to control yourself because it is a promise you make to yourself and breaking that promise means cheating yourself. A resolution to improve your health is the best gift you can give to yourself. If you think that you can’t stand the big promises then make small resolution. Remember every honest effort can make a difference in your life. If you are confused over what type of resolution you should make which could make you fit and slim then here are some suggestions.

Healthy Lifestyle

Use your legs

Promise yourself to run or walk on every opportunity. Ignore your sedentary lifestyle by going for a morning walk, walk the dog, take up stairs, park the car away from office and take a walk after lunch and dinner.

Enjoy outdoor activity

Promise yourself that you will spend your weekend with your kids or friends on outdoor activity like climbing, trekking, football, cricket, volleyball, flying disc or just chase game with your kids. These activities increase the good hormone and reduce the stress hormones in the body and also improve your cardiovascular health.

Healthy Lifestyle

Smile often

If you are famous as a serious person who does not smile then break the perception and smile more even if you don’t feel like. It would reduce stress and trigger the release of endorphins which will elevate your mood.

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Sleep early

If you have been sleeping late whole year then make a resolution for sleeping early and stick to it. Early sleeping will improve your circadian system and therefore your metabolism will improve.

Sleep Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Enjoy offline

Try to spend more time with real people like your family and friends rather than over the net. This will strengthen your relationship and it will reduce your stress level considerably.

Take up an exercise

Exercise is the best way to keep you fit so try to start exercising in this year. You can begin with simple stretching exercises and when your stamina increases then go for heavy workouts.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Make your diet plan

If you are overweight and you have made up your mind to lose weight then customize a diet plan for you and then try to follow it with discipline. You can take help of online tools to journal your body stats and health improvements.

Healthy Lifestyle

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