A Healthy Lifestyle: Key to Avoid Liver Diseases and Transplants [Interview]

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In India, about 30,000 patients suffer from liver diseases and requires liver transplant. But from this figure, only 1,800 patients per year are able to get liver transplant and 1,500 patients get kidney transplants successfully. Patients come from different parts of India like U.P, Delhi, Noida, Punjab, Haryana etc. Also patients come from other countries like Pakistan, Nigeria, Mangolia, Kyrgyzstan, and Iraq etc. Here, people get treatment within an affordable budget that’s the best feature giving a patient a nice experience.

I got an opportunity to visit Jaypee Hospital. There the doctors have already performed 100 kidney and liver transplants successfully. I even Met Mr. Mukul, a patient who recently got his liver transplanted and is leading a better lifestyle. One big thing he stated and this I want to share with everyone ‘If you don’t do jogging, you must have fatty liver and clear symptom of being a liver patient’.

Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary is the specialist in liver transplant at Jaypee Hospital. I got the chance to get an interview of him and here is a brief of the entire conversation:

Why one should choose Jaypee Hospital for a liver transplant?

Huhhh! Yes. This is a good question. Jaypee Hospital has already done about 100 liver transplants and we know how to treat a patient during emergencies. And since we are a Multi Super Speciality Hospital we have all modern equipment that helps us to take good care of patients. We provide World-class health-care services to all your patients.

Typically how much time is required for both patient and donor to return to the mainstream life?

Usually a donor needs to stay in the hospital for 5-8 days depending on how fast he/she is recovering. And after 8 weeks a donor can easily start his/her daily work depending on how the condition of the surgery. We typically advise the donors to stay away from hard work for about 8-16 weeks for their safety.

Author Note:

According to CPMC.org, generally patient and donor do take time to recover after liver transplant.

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  • Donors who perform desk based jobs can return to work sooner rather than those who travel for work.
  • And the receiver usually stays 6 days in hospital
  • It can be 6 weeks as well depending on how the patient is responding after liver transplantation.

If a person who dies due to road accident can become a donor for patients with serious complications?

Yes, if the person is declared as brain dead, doctors can take their liver or kidney for patients who need them. Brain death is referred to as brain-stem death where the entire brain stops functioning. This can happen after a major road accident leading to serious head injury or a bleed due to brain stroke.

  • Usually what types of difficulties do patients with liver disease face?

Once, you are diagnosed with a serious liver disease in India the first thing that comes into one’s mind is whether they can get good treatment. At Jaypee Hospital we have liver transplantation system but the major problem is lack of donors. Next, people become afraid of the surgery as they not aware of the system. We thus are organizing campaigns spreading awareness revealing people that there is no risk with liver transplantation surgery.

  • Who usually become the victim of liver diseases in rural as well as in urban areas?

A recent survey states that the urban population gets affected due to the reckless lifestyle. They not bothered to maintain a good health and this is the main reason for their liver diseases. And usually the urban people suffer from Hepatitis C and this is the main cause of serious liver disease.

Author Note:

According to Acog.org :

  • Leishmaniasis is a common liver disease in rural areas and it’s a parasitic disease attacking the spleen, liver and bone marrow.
  • Suddenly if you face tiredness, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting it can be Hepatitis C and you need to seek immediate medical attention.
  • And if you are carrier there are no chances to get rid of Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C and you have to carry the disease for the rest of your life.
  • Any message you want to convey to our new generation who’s being dragged to such unhealthy way of life?

It’s good to see that Western people are changing and they are on the way to get rid of such bad lifestyle. On the other hand, Indian people are engaging themselves more in an unhealthy standard of living. Now, if one really wants to lead a healthy lifestyle he/she should avoid doing unprotected sex. Also, stay away from drinking at late nights and it’s better to get a periodic check-up avoiding the problem to become more serious. If it’s diagnosed at early stage one can easily recover.\

  • Do children are also the victims of liver diseases?

We have organized camps at schools in Noida. We examined more than 5,000 children and found that like adults obese children also have fatty liver, which is the main cause of liver disease. However, some symptoms are genetic and can’t be controlled. But one can stay away from liver diseases if he/she avoids junk foods leading a real healthy lifestyle. In this way, we can make India free from liver diseases where people can lead life happily without any worries.

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